Sunday, 9 February 2014

UKIP Candidates X Rated Backer

UKIP Runnind Ragged

Wythenshawe and Sale East candidate John Bickley causes more upset in the eyes of the voters, and  amongst their activist as news break their main backer is porn start ‘Lord Lust’ James Hadfield-Hyde.

News was established as the nominations reveal UKIP’s number 1 proposer had been signed by Lord Lust, Hadfield-Hyde. James who stared in adult x rated movies such as ‘Up at the Crack of Dawn’.
It is also detailed that Bickleys main man Hadfield-Hyde’s wife, Kelly is also no stranger to embarrassment as she stripped naked in public at Manchester Airport in December 2013 after security had asked to step in the x-ray machine, ending with her being brought before Trafford Magistrate’s being fined a total of £925.

X Rated

Mr Hadfield-Hyde, who has been described as ‘a cad, womaniser and bon vivant’, purchased the title of Lord of the Manor of Alderley in the 1990s, he then went on to host a late-night adult programme called Lord Lust’s Lovelies, in which he was surrounded by barely clothed models, before appearing in Up At The Crack Of Dawn.

Publicity material for the film said: ‘The country estate of Lord Lust is jam-packed with nude lovelies indulging in gentrified hanky panky, from Susan the poacher to Vicky the portrait painter.’

Mr Bickley was himself managing director of a company, CIC Video, which distributed erotic titles such as Mandingo: A Story of Forbidden Passion in the Deep South. He accepted EU money for another of his companies when in 2006 took £95,000 from a special EU ‘seed fund’ for his software company Genemation, of which he was CEO. Bickleys company in 2009, company went into liquidation in owing more than £450,000 in bad debt.

Thinking of Voting UKIP, well think again.

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