Monday, 10 February 2014

Two Week Ends In Wythenshawe & Sale

Campaigning at its climax in Wythenshawe and Sale East, the party calls a national day of action for the past two Saturdays and activists come from Greater London, County Durham, East Midlands, Wales, Birmingham, Yorkshire, Cumbria, Liverpool and the Greater Manchester area’s to support our fantastic candidate Eddy O’Sullivan who is currently seeking election to national government.
Activist’s hit the street leafleting key target areas of the constituency, along with a continual street presence in the local shopping centres in both Wythenshawe and Sale to a very warm and welcoming reception from the public.

Not only these two national days of action, but this campaign has been lead from the front by David O’Loughlin who has organised daily days of actions and been on the streets now for the duration of this election after it being called very suddenly and given a 17 day turnaround from central government.

Contrary to opposition group, parties and the mass media writing the British National Party off the support is still there on the streets. Over weeks we have had people express their support on mass all over the constituency, the phones at central office are off the hook with people wanting more information about the party, and the activists have pulled together in a show of unity throughout, showing we are and always will be the only nationalist party in town.

Eddy O’Sullivan tells us “Thank you to all those who have given their own time to come here and help me, but also thank you to those in the back ground who have been working just as hard stuffing papers, preparing buffets for organised meetings, taking calls, printing leaflets and delivering them to royal mail for dispatch, the design team who created all my leaflets, thank you to the regional and national organisers, along with the chairman who have all helped out in different ways, and a massive thank you to those of you who have donated your money to help make all this possible”

Eddy also tells any one viewing from Wythenshawe and Sale “I will thank you in advance for your vote, because together we will build a better Britain”

The work is not over yet, Election day is this Thursday and we need members to help us just a little more, if you can spare any free time this week if only for an hour, then please contact David on 07917 272 952 or Gary on 07456 444 184, so please do come and join us this week in Wythenshawe and Sale and witness the support yourselves.

Letters of support or donations towards the campaign can be sent to BNP PO Box 16, Salford M6 7PT (Cheques and postal orders please make out to BNP or British Heritage).

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