Monday, 3 February 2014

Manchester UKIP Activist Sling Leaflets In Bins

Here come the rubbish

In a strange encounter with UKIP activists on Wythenshawe shopping centre last Friday, British National Party activists spotted them placing their candidates leaflet in the bin, and walking off.

With disbelieve our candidate Eddy O’Sullivan approached them and asked why they had ditched their propaganda for this election UKIP activists stated Farage is a fool and swims in champaign and caviar, creaming the benefits of the EU plus he has just referred to them in the national media as all as being walter mitty’s, but if that wasn’t bad enough, news has just broken that their candidate for this upcoming Wythenshawe election has taken £100,000 loot from the European Union in some sort of business grant, yet saying he is anti EU, then to top it off the business went bust, leaving it in liquidation.

British National Party activists who were leafleting just off the Sale Road also met with UKIP’s bob, who was out alone, who also said he was in two frames of mind about being a UKIP member, he told us the membership in Manchester are currently all in a bitter in fight over John Bickley being selected as candidate to stand in the Wythenshawe & Sale By election.

Unlike UKIP we are a real nationalist party and will take their members on if they want to join a real patriotic party, so we urge UKIP members who are unhappy to switch sides and join us because the tides are changing and nationalism is on the rise right across Europe,

And remember our policies,

*Stop all Immigration

*Get out of the EU

*British Jobs for British Workers

We do not sit on the fence, when we say it we mean it, join by clicking this link - Join The BNP

For further information or questions email Gary Tumulty North West Regional Organiser on or write to him at BNP, PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT

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