Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Westminster "ring fences" its ring fence.

London Westminster

Following a recent freedom of information request, submitted by acting North West Regional Organiser Gary Tumulty, it can now be revealed that the "Palace" of Westminster sanctioned work on its
perimeter fence to the tune of £1,448,906,45 to keep them safe from the hordes of angry commoners.

In times of austerity, this huge burden to the taxpayer is a massive slap in the face from the ruling elite to the likes of me and you, who pay to keep these "people" in their cosy jobs.

I cannot for the life of me understand how this cost can be justified when there are thousands of British pensioners having to choose between a nourishing meal, or staying warm.

But the old gang parties couldn't care less for the plight of the common man, as the old saying goes "i'm alright Jack"

A British National Party Government would never abuse the trust of the electorate by dipping the public purse for their own ends, rather they would ensure that pensioners, who have paid in all their lives, would
never have to make the choice to " Eat or heat" by giving them a living pension allowance, easily achieved by our immediate withdrawal from the EU quango, the immediate halting of immigration to this country, and stopping all foreign aid to countries that for the most part would like us finished as a sovereign nation.

The ruling elite don't give a flying fig about me and you, so isn't it time we sent them a message that the feeling is mutual?

The British National Party is the only real hope for a fairer and better Britain, the only real opposition to the corrupt lib/lab/con trick.

Remember, you get what you vote for.

You have been warned!

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