Sunday, 15 December 2013

Two Days-Seven Towns

Following Thursday’s article there followed an instant response as activists in the North West were busy spreading our message of hope when they hit 7 town centres in two days.
Rather than watch the coverage of Saint Mandela we decided to help make our country into a place we can be proud of, just like Mandela did in South Africa, albeit without the bombings, shootings, countless numbers of necklacing and violence.
If it is good enough for the Africans to be proud of their culture and heritage, it is good enough for us so we thought it would be fitting to remind our people of their heritage and culture.

On Day One, a team hit Wigan and Leigh and on Day Two, two teams hit Runcorn, Widnes, Warrington, Frodsham and St Helens.

Over ten thousand leaflets and copies of our newspaper Voice of Freedom were personally handed to members of the public. 

This method of contact with our people is far more effective than blanket leafleting doors, particularly in the run up to an election such as the European election we will be contesting next year. 
It is a great way of increasing voter turnout, ensuring democracy is kept alive and kicking. Stereotypes created by the bias media are instantly shattered when members of the public see that we are quite literally them.

“It is great to work with so many dedicated people who are genuinely concerned about the way our country is being governed. We will be carrying out a lot more of these days in the run up to the European elections next year. We have to, our people need to know that we are there for them where others have failed and that is not just Africans who can be proud of their culture and heritage” commented organiser Adam Walker.

This type of activism is spot on for spreading our message far and wide for the upcoming European elections, with very limited equipment needed.

“Loads of people were happy to see us; many commented that they hope to see us again soon. They said that they were glad someone was prepared fight their corner and stand up for them. Many people feel let down by the establishment. It was great to see so many happy people when they were wished a very Merry Christmas” commented David O’Loughlin, one of our NW super activists.

 Can you spare one hour in your town helping our brave activists? If not then you need to ask yourself why not. Come on, it’s easy. Everyone can do something.

 Isnt it about time you stood up for your own people, town and country?
Why not order some leaflets from Alwyn Deacon at or by calling him on 07709 346 012.
 Together we CAN make Britain better.

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