Sunday, 15 December 2013

Rochdale and Burnley get message of hope.

North West Super activist David O'Loughlin organised an intense day of action last week starting at 9am when members of the St Helens group met David in Rochdale where 400 VoF newspapers were delivered in one of our target wards.
The team then moved to Burnley where they where met by NW MEP Nick Griffin, who was having a planning meeting in the Burnley Office with Clive Jefferson, Alwyn Deacon and Angus Matthys and we took the opportunity to snatch Nick and the planning team for walk through and leafleting of Burnley Town centre. 

"The response was tremendous"  David told BNP News, "This is what activism is all about, meeting the people and leaving them with some quality literature to read after some face to face contact. 8 out of 10 people took the literature and we even signed two old members back up again who had moved and lost contact with the party and were delighted to see us active in the town centre again". 

"Nick only had limited time with us in the town but it was great to see him on the streets and see the positive response Nick receives when he meets his electorate," Geoff Foreman, St Helens fund holder, said. "Myself and our Organiser Peter Clayton brought a team of St Helens activists over today to work with David and it has been a great day out, very positive and more importantly we have learned a great deal about postal vote harvesting in target wards that will feed into our own campaign is St Helens". 
The team finished the day with evening postal vote harvesting in the target ward in Burnley. 

An incredible day of activism and the Chairman even bought us all Lunch.  A great day out.

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