Monday, 16 December 2013

Huge One Day Hit in Cumbria

Following Thursday's article, there followed a tremendous response as activists from Cumbria were out and about engaging with people in various locations.
The day began in the coastal town of Whitehaven where local activists met with others to spend around an hour and a half in the town centre and leafleting local houses. 

Next stop on the tour was Workington where our activists were well received by locals and where Christmas shoppers had the opportunity to chat about how we are going to make Britain better.
After the stay in Workington our intrepid activists made their way to Maryport to deliver leaflets and envelopes to hundreds of houses.

The envelopes contained information on ‘peanutgate’ and outlined what has been happening in Maryport with regards to the persecution of our Cllrs Jefferson and Charlton by Labour Party ultra fascists.
As the media have refused to report on this issue we thought it appropriate to do it ourselves.

The day ended in Carlisle where our battle hardened activists chatted with Christmas shoppers and handed out thousands of leaflets to passers by. “This was a very busy day indeed and in all we managed to hand out over 10,000 pieces of literature. Although quite tiring towards the end the very fact that we were helping to give our people hope kept us going. The response we have had in all four towns has been amazing. People were really genuinely pleased to see us. There is definitely a change in the air” commented Adam Walker.  

A big thank you to Adam Walker and Joanne from County Durham BNP, Phil and George: Copeland Branch, Kevin our North West secretary, Cllr Austin Davies and his Carlisle group, Chris, Cllr Dawn Charlton, Cllr Clive Jefferson and everyone else who came out with us, this is a really powerful way to reach a lot of prospective new members and voters and every area should organise these days of action. 
Why not order some leaflets from Alwyn Deacon at or by calling him on 07709 346 012.

Get together with a few folk in your area and get moving. It’s so easy.

Anyone wanting to get active in Cumbria or anywhere in the North West please ring Dawn on 0844 809 4581 and ask to be put on out “Activists Mailing list”, email

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