Sunday, 15 December 2013

Bury & Bolton Welcome the North West BNP Activists.

Again more activist hit the streets of Bury and Bolton to spread the word of the British National Party, Headed by Adam Walker National Organiser, met with Regional Organiser Gary Tumulty and local activists in the busy town centre.

Thousands of Christmas shoppers were delighted to have the message of hope of the British National Party in their towns as they collected an assortment of literature from the activists, one of the leaflets handed out was the new ‘Nick Griffin MEP Stops the Syria War’ news which has been black balled out of the main stream media.

Activists on the streets said “If the media will not cover the great work of the party then we will, forget Mandela, forget who is going to win X Factor, get with the real world and that is, who is going to improve Great Britain’s future, and of course the only party to do that is, the British National Party”.
Many of the people who we spoke to were amazed how such a ground breaking story could not be covered in the BBC Cover up, and assured us that when they got home they would tune in to the link provided on the leaflet to get the real story of what happened, also lots of people expressed support for voting ‘BNP’ in the EU elections to have the party chairman elected.

Gary Tumulty acting Regional Organiser told site correspondents “Direct action is what the North West is about, Thank you to all the activists who have come out to help in the past, and continue to do so week in week out.

Back to earlier report on Thursday, (Get up, get active in the North West) as you can see, North West activist are very busy and have been for months, so this is why we need more help, as I said I want every town, city and street in the North West covered with the message of the party, and this means you the reader, so please join us and get out there”.

To contact Gary and get directly involved then email letters of support / stamps / donations can be sent to BNP, PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT.

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