Sunday, 10 November 2013

Tameside BNP Say “No to Mosque Plans”

Tameside British National Party join with other nationalists and residents of Stalybridge, to say no thank you to new mosque proposals application submitted by two muslim 
brothers Mujahid and Khalid Zaheer.

The application is to convert the old Pineapple pub situated on Kenworthy Street, Stalybridge into a community centre with a mosque on site, further to the application it would like to see the new project open 7AM till 11PM seven days a week including Christmas and bank holidays.

Outraged locals have started an online petition which has seen over 1450 people sign, and a further paper petition was took onto the streets of Stalybridge and received a further 1000 signatures, Hitting the headlines in the Tameside Reporter a public meeting was to be held on the 9th October 2013, to come and meet and greet the applicants of the mosque with a chance to air any concerns. 

 A week before the public meet was called the British National Party through facebook social media site had scores of concerned locals making contact asking for help, and for us to oppose the application and stop the mosque being formed.

A flash demo was called locally on the morning of the public meeting to raise awareness of the proposed plans for the town, and at the last minute the meeting was pulled by the two muslim organisers.

Kay Pollitt Tameside British National Party Organiser tells correspondents “There is no big population of muslims in Stalybridge, so there is no requirement for a new mosque as it offers no real benefits to the locals, Ashton is very close to Stalybridge and harbours more than 3 bringing the city’s  total up to 7, we don’t need another one.

“The locals are talking in depth about the effect it will have on everyday life, like the noise pollution it will produce with the chanting of Muslim hymns to all hours, the parking issue it will bring along also with concerns of antisocial behaviour from those Muslims  who like to segregate themselve’s away from us British but in a more sinister outlook we must remember it is Muslims who like to groom our children.

“I would appeal to Mujahid and Khalid Zaheer and say please do not open another mosque in this area, as we the locals don’t want it, we did come to the meeting to put our concerns direct to you and it was cancelled by yourselves, and a missed opportunity to see what people think”. 

In a unsavoury interview Stalybridge Labour MP  Jonathan Reynolds told local journalists “I have no objection to any new mosques. Tameside is home to many Muslims and that is something to be proud of. It’s true that Stalybridge doesn’t have a significant Muslim community and so I’m not aware of a large demand for a mosque, but in terms of a planning application that is not a material issue”

To contact Tameside British National Party, email or write to Tameside BNP, C/O PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT

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