Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Back To Basics With New Manchester BNP Leaflet

Manchester British National Party has gone back to basics with this new leaflet which has hit the streets of the city, the leaflet outlines how we love Manchester, and drums home the party core message of hope
  • Stop Mass Immigration
  • Get out of the EU
  • British Jobs for British workers
  • Safer streets
  • Protecting our identity

Steve Carden Manchester British National Party Organiser tells site “This is a very simple leaflet, and outlines our party position on a wide range of issues effecting the country today, this leaflet is red by purpose design, because it aimed right at Labour voters, Labour control our city and this needs to be changed today because tomorrow is to late

“I look forward to enquires this leaflet will generate, because the support is really out there in the streets of Manchester, We will be doing follow up visits of where this leaflet has been distributed and asking the public views on it, and asking them to sign up to the postal vote and vote British National Party (BNP)

Reading this report from Manchester?

Do you love Manchester like Steve does?

Can you help contact Steve right away by emailing Manchester@bnp.org.uk donations towards a second run of these leaflets and also letters of support can be sent to BNP PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT.

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