Wednesday, 9 October 2013

National Pride Worldwide

By North West correspondent.

With the emergence of the British National Party's chairman, Nick Griffin MEP, as an influential diplomatic personality on the world stage the eyes of the world are looking more and more to the British National Party as a role model for nationalist political activity and structure within their own countries. When I mention international diplomacy I am, of course, referring to the unprecedented success of the recent visit to Syria by the Chairman and our delegates. The outcome of this mission resulted in the British Parliament voting against taking Britain into yet another futile foreign adventure and saved the lives of countless innocent people and British servicemen and women.

There has long been a spirit of mutual co-operation between the European nationalist movements and this can be demonstrated in the formation of the European Nationalist Alliance Organisation headed up by Bruno Gollnisch of the French Front Nationale which is vice-chaired by our very own Nick Griffin.
In the North West of England and, particularly, in the Salford and Manchester area we have also forged friendships on the international stage. In the past, we have had the honour to host visits from our friends from Spain, Enric Ravello and Manuel Quesada, who represent the Spanish nationalists of Plataforma per Catalunya (Platform for Catalonia) and Plataforma per Liberdad (Platform for Freedom) Parties. Indeed, in the next week our very own Eddy O’Sullivan will be paying a visit to these fine patriots on their own soil in Alicante. He is actually going on holiday but why not go somewhere where the locals actually are friendly and helpful?

Another example of the high regard in which the Party is held abroad is the recent visit of John O’Connell to Salford. John represents the nationalist movement being felt by the Irish people across their Land as the EU(SSR) promotes its ruthless agenda of destruction of National Identity in the emerald isle, as it does throughout the rest of Europe. When I talk about an Irish ‘nationalist movement’ here, I’m not alluding to Sinn Fein and the like. They and their ilk are nothing more than cultural Marxists hiding behind a mask of deceit when they refer to themselves as ‘nationalist’. Substitute the word ‘globalist’ for ‘nationalist’ in their case and you would then have a better idea of what they are all about! No, I am referring to the great national pride that the Irish people feel in being from that part of the world and their growing concern as they come to realise that they are now part of the EU monster that gives no regard to the indigenous Irish as a race with historic ties to the soil they were born and raised on. They know they have been betrayed by their own government in the same way as we, in Britain, have.

John O’Connell came to visit us at a meeting in Salford and then attended our conference in Blackpool as an honoured guest. We will be sending a delegation to Ireland in the next few weeks to address the supporters of the movement there and help them to grow from a movement of likeminded patriots into a political entity that can function as a vehicle to work towards government. 

In order to understand the huge effect that the British National Party is having on the international stage I am delighted to inform you that Salford BNP recently received a letter from Chile. The letter was a letter of introduction from Fernando  Saieh, a Chilean nationalist and patriot, who expressed a great admiration for the British National Party and who wanted to come and visit us, in the same way that John did, in order to discuss ways and means to build on the movement that exists in Chile. Further to this, I am happy to report that Eddy O’Sullivan and Gary Tumulty had the honour to host tremendously productivemeetings with Fernando on 6th and 7th of October 2013 in Manchester.

Fernando is a Chilean nationalist with links to sitting senators in the Chilean government. He has links to Peruvian political figures, along with Argentinian nationalists who are highly respected in the world of South American politics. Fernando was referred to us by the Platform for freedom Party’s Enric Ravello, and Manuel Quesada our nationalist friends in Spain. Fernando is also a presenter for Chilean channel, Controversia TV  

Fernando is an educated man with a working history in advertising, electrical engineering and the real estate business. Fernando is from Santiago, Chile, where he has identified a political vacuum which a nationalist party and movement can move into. He has a strong affiliation with numerous nationalist intellectuals and a personal commitment to fight back against the International banking cartels and the corrupt left wing ideologies that are plaguing the Chilean people.

The fact that the British National Party is now perceived by like-minded people all over the world as a model for promoting the values that any decent, right thinking human beings should hold, is a testament to the hard work and determination of our members, supporters and activists throughout Britain. It is vital now that we be relentless in the pursuit of re-establishing, in our Land, our freedoms and values. Values and freedoms that have been eroded and stolen away from us by our traitorous political elite.  A political elite that is in the pocket of global bankers and globalised industrialists.  It is the banks and the globalists’ interests that our corrupt politicians work to benefit and not the British people. The British people that elected them are waking up to this con-trick and are realising that the only Party that will truly work for the benefit of the British people and the British people alone, are the BNP.

VOTE BNP! We really are the only game in town.

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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Red Ed, With His Bizarre Claims.

Commy Red ED

Communist sympathiser union puppet Ed Milliband, leader for the Labour Party addresses his conference of 2013 and announces that if the Labour Party would take power again at the next general election he would freeze gas and electricity bills for two years.

With big off shore business’s running the gas and electricity for this country I really don’t see how red Ed could make this happen, it’s all just words to make unsuspecting and unaware voters pick the traitorous lying Labour Party.

What has been overlooked is that if the British National Party took control of the country, we would instantly take back the national grid and infrastructure that services the UK and re nationalise them, so as a party we wouldn’t just freeze gas and electric bills we would make them a lot cheaper and create more jobs for the British people.

A British National Party spokesman acting Northwest Regional Organiser Gary Tumulty said “We should supply our own gas and electric supply in our country and not rely on foreign firms to do it for us, the utility bills of the country are very expensive and it’s all about profit not people. The Labour Party do this make wild claims to sound very appealing to some people, but the sinister side of it, is you don’t really know what other policy’s and hidden agenda’s that party has to offer”.

“One thing is for sure, even if the Labour Party did take power again, and they attempted to tell these private corporations to freeze the utility bills, Asylum seekers will still get their fuel tops ups for free, as exposed in Salford some time ago”.

If you would like to get involved with the British National Party or have any further questions then please do not hesitate to make contact by emailing or write to BNP, PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT.