Friday, 7 June 2013

Oldham Branch meeting report May 2013

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Monday 27th May saw the regular monthly meeting of 2013 for the British National Party’s Oldham Branch. The well attended meeting was chaired by North West Regional Organiser, Gary Tumulty, in the absence of Oldham Organiser, Duncan Warner due to family reasons.  Oldham branch were delighted to welcome the Party Manager, Adam Walker who had made the trip from the North East.

Gary opened the well-attended meeting and started with an informal discussion regarding the terrible events that had recently occurred in Woolwich. This was discussed at length and, in many instances, with a great deal of emotion as many present were ex-servicemen. The Chair then went on to give details of the activities planned for the march in London to protest this barbaric crime and the savages that had committed it. Also other activities of local remembrance were discussed.

After a break and a healthy collection Adam Walker took the floor. Adam gave a very moving account of his own experiences as a party activist and the trials, tribulations and adventures that he has experienced personally. He also gave a very upbeat picture of the Party structure and finances. He finished with an inspirational exhortation that inspired us all to be active and to get down to London, if at all possible.

The floor was then relinquished to local activists and a very lively and in-depth discussion took place regarding the particular problems associated with the local area of Oldham.

This was followed by discussions and guidance for individuals and groups who wish to stand for elections that are coming up in 2013 and 2014 and detailed plans for activists in the next few  weeks.

This very interesting and enjoyable meeting was finished off by a lively and good humoured social.

Lee Rigby you will NEVER be forgotten…RIP brother to us all.