Sunday, 10 March 2013

Tameside BNP Lead New Initiative

Kay Pollitt Tameside BNP

Kay Pollitt Tameside Organiser after listening to the chairman at the organaiser conference talking about setting up food banks to help local people who need help in this day of age, has decided to lead the way in Greater Manchester and set up a new initiave to create old clothes in to food parcels.

After holding the monthly meeting in Tameside, Kay spoke with the activists and it was decided at local level, to create a very simple local leaflet, asking for unwanted rags and clothes to make in to money and supply aid to the most needy, OAP’s, ex-military and single parent families who need the help.

Local activist posted the first 500 leaflets out to test the waters and see what the response was like, and unbelievably, with in the first day, we had 6 people who wanted to help us out.

One person donated £20 towards food, a couple gave us clothes to trade in for cash, one person gave us food to help, and another person gave us snuggies to give to OAP’s who was finding it hard to heat their homes with the rising fuel bills.

Kay Pollitt tells correspondent’s “It was very easy to set up and lift off the ground, it’s a very simple leaflet and targeted at the correct estates you will get a fantastic response,

“I would like readers to note, not one single penny will be going to the branch, we have set up a separate account with petty cash books and we will be offering full transparency to them who are saying we are swindling for the party

“Also thank you to the activists who are now rolling this out across the whole of Tameside and we are now waiting on the call asking for help, then we will come round with a food parcel” Kay concluded
If you live in Tameside and need help with a food parcel then contact Kay on 07909674006 or email  letters of support also can be sent to BNP PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT

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