Monday, 18 February 2013

Tameside BNP Fighting Fit

Eddy O'Sullivan

Sunday 10th February saw a well turned out regular Tameside British National Party meet take place

The meeting kicked off with a tantalising speech on the Frankfurt School delivered by the Manchester Organiser Eddy O’Sullivan

After the break and a fantastic collection the floor was handed to the acting Northwest Regional Organiser Gary Tumulty advised a interactive crowd on all the upcoming elections across the region, including the 2014 European Union campaign and how important it is for us to be involved whilst we are stuck there

Then came the branch news which was delivered by Tameside Organiser Kay Pollitt, who explained the extremely brilliant response from the new ‘Local issues’ leaflet which has just been posted out by local activists, and how the branch is now moving to help people who need it, along with bringing new people in who have enquired of late.

Local Leaflet

Miss Pollitt told correspondents “I am extremely pleased with the way the branch is coming on, I would like to thank all the members and activists but I would also like to say a massive thank you to the anonymous Tameside donor of £200, its absolutely fantastic and will go towards the up keeping of the branch and upcoming 2014 elections”

To contact Tameside British National Party email Kay on or ring 07909674006, letter of support can be sent to BNP, PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT

Manchester February Meeting

Manchester BNP 

Sunday 17th February saw the second meeting of 2013 for the British National Party’s Manchester Branch. The well attended meeting was chaired by Eddy O’Sullivan, Manchester Organiser. Other officials in attendance were acting Regional Organiser for the North West, Gary Tumulty and Tameside Organiser, Kay Pollitt. The Guest speaker was Stockport Organiser, Sheila Spink.

Eddy opened the well-attended meeting with a chat regarding the huge success of The Chairman’s visit to the area on the previous evening. The pathetic attempts of Labour Party thugs to disrupt this by means of threats to local business owners in the area backfired on them badly. This produced much mirth and merriment amongst the members.

Eddy then went on to discuss the appointment of Senior Activists to head up cells of activity all over the Manchester metropolitan area. The trial area for this initiative has been identified and, provided all goes as expected, this model will be rolled out as a full scale strategy for the area.
The venue we use is actively raising funds to help the cause of a young local baby girl who, at four months old, has been diagnosed with bone cancer.  The venue asked if the members would like to contribute. The members’ unanimous response was to propose that ALL funds collected at this meeting should be donated to this cause. The result was that £118.00 was raised and gratefully accepted for the appeal. The person running the appeal thanked us all in a very moving manner for the members’ and the Party’s generosity.
Eddy Giving To Good Causes 

Sheila then took the floor to deliver an inspiring and thought provoking talk. She spoke about the various ways that different agencies are working together in order to systematically destroy the very concept that an indigenous population can even exist in this nation and, indeed, other nations of Europe. If you haven’t had Sheila round to your branch recently I strongly urge you to get in touch and book her to give this talk. It contains too much of value to detail here. You need to hear it for yourselves.

Eddy then handed over to Gary Tumulty who spoke at length regarding the region’s upcoming events. He outlined the details of several activities in the coming weeks. This was followed by discussions and guidance for individuals and groups who wish to stand for elections that are coming up in 2013 and 2014 and detailed plans for activists in the next few weeks.

Gary In Manchester

This very interesting and enjoyable meeting was finished off by a lively and good humoured Q&A session.