Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Manchester BNP Looks To The Future

Dot Sayers / Gary Tumulty BNP

Sunday 20th January saw the first meeting of 201 for the British National Party’s Manchester Branch. The well attended meeting was chaired by Eddy O’Sullivan, Manchester Organiser. Other officials in attendance were acting Regional Organiser for the North West, Gary Tumulty and Tameside Organiser, Kay Pollitt. The Guest speaker was Bolton Organiser, Dot Sayers.
Eddy opened the meeting by wishing everyone best wishes for the coming year and welcomed all the people that were attending a meeting for the first time.

 Dot Sayers then took the floor to deliver an inspiring and thought provoking talk. Dot spoke about the different ways that our identity as indigenous Britons is being stripped away and the various methods that are being employed to accomplish this. She examined the rationale behind it and explained the solutions that the British National Party wishes to apply in return to combat these traitorous acts so we can put the “Great” back into Great Britain.

After a short break a healthy collection was taken and Eddy spoke at briefly about the recent activities of the Manchester Branch and the demonstrations we had recently attended.

Eddy then handed over to Gary Tumulty who spoke at length regarding the region’s upcoming events. He outlined the details of several courses that will be freely available to all in the coming months. This was followed by the making of arrangements for individuals and groups who wish to stand for elections that are coming up in 2014 and detailed plans for activists in the next few weeks.

This very instructive and constructive meeting was finished off by a lively and good humoured Q&A session. One new member signed up there and then and three more pledged to join by phone during the following week when the office is open.

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