Monday, 16 December 2013

Huge One Day Hit in Cumbria

Following Thursday's article, there followed a tremendous response as activists from Cumbria were out and about engaging with people in various locations.
The day began in the coastal town of Whitehaven where local activists met with others to spend around an hour and a half in the town centre and leafleting local houses. 

Next stop on the tour was Workington where our activists were well received by locals and where Christmas shoppers had the opportunity to chat about how we are going to make Britain better.
After the stay in Workington our intrepid activists made their way to Maryport to deliver leaflets and envelopes to hundreds of houses.

The envelopes contained information on ‘peanutgate’ and outlined what has been happening in Maryport with regards to the persecution of our Cllrs Jefferson and Charlton by Labour Party ultra fascists.
As the media have refused to report on this issue we thought it appropriate to do it ourselves.

The day ended in Carlisle where our battle hardened activists chatted with Christmas shoppers and handed out thousands of leaflets to passers by. “This was a very busy day indeed and in all we managed to hand out over 10,000 pieces of literature. Although quite tiring towards the end the very fact that we were helping to give our people hope kept us going. The response we have had in all four towns has been amazing. People were really genuinely pleased to see us. There is definitely a change in the air” commented Adam Walker.  

A big thank you to Adam Walker and Joanne from County Durham BNP, Phil and George: Copeland Branch, Kevin our North West secretary, Cllr Austin Davies and his Carlisle group, Chris, Cllr Dawn Charlton, Cllr Clive Jefferson and everyone else who came out with us, this is a really powerful way to reach a lot of prospective new members and voters and every area should organise these days of action. 
Why not order some leaflets from Alwyn Deacon at or by calling him on 07709 346 012.

Get together with a few folk in your area and get moving. It’s so easy.

Anyone wanting to get active in Cumbria or anywhere in the North West please ring Dawn on 0844 809 4581 and ask to be put on out “Activists Mailing list”, email

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Bury & Bolton Welcome the North West BNP Activists.

Again more activist hit the streets of Bury and Bolton to spread the word of the British National Party, Headed by Adam Walker National Organiser, met with Regional Organiser Gary Tumulty and local activists in the busy town centre.

Thousands of Christmas shoppers were delighted to have the message of hope of the British National Party in their towns as they collected an assortment of literature from the activists, one of the leaflets handed out was the new ‘Nick Griffin MEP Stops the Syria War’ news which has been black balled out of the main stream media.

Activists on the streets said “If the media will not cover the great work of the party then we will, forget Mandela, forget who is going to win X Factor, get with the real world and that is, who is going to improve Great Britain’s future, and of course the only party to do that is, the British National Party”.
Many of the people who we spoke to were amazed how such a ground breaking story could not be covered in the BBC Cover up, and assured us that when they got home they would tune in to the link provided on the leaflet to get the real story of what happened, also lots of people expressed support for voting ‘BNP’ in the EU elections to have the party chairman elected.

Gary Tumulty acting Regional Organiser told site correspondents “Direct action is what the North West is about, Thank you to all the activists who have come out to help in the past, and continue to do so week in week out.

Back to earlier report on Thursday, (Get up, get active in the North West) as you can see, North West activist are very busy and have been for months, so this is why we need more help, as I said I want every town, city and street in the North West covered with the message of the party, and this means you the reader, so please join us and get out there”.

To contact Gary and get directly involved then email letters of support / stamps / donations can be sent to BNP, PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT.

Two Days-Seven Towns

Following Thursday’s article there followed an instant response as activists in the North West were busy spreading our message of hope when they hit 7 town centres in two days.
Rather than watch the coverage of Saint Mandela we decided to help make our country into a place we can be proud of, just like Mandela did in South Africa, albeit without the bombings, shootings, countless numbers of necklacing and violence.
If it is good enough for the Africans to be proud of their culture and heritage, it is good enough for us so we thought it would be fitting to remind our people of their heritage and culture.

On Day One, a team hit Wigan and Leigh and on Day Two, two teams hit Runcorn, Widnes, Warrington, Frodsham and St Helens.

Over ten thousand leaflets and copies of our newspaper Voice of Freedom were personally handed to members of the public. 

This method of contact with our people is far more effective than blanket leafleting doors, particularly in the run up to an election such as the European election we will be contesting next year. 
It is a great way of increasing voter turnout, ensuring democracy is kept alive and kicking. Stereotypes created by the bias media are instantly shattered when members of the public see that we are quite literally them.

“It is great to work with so many dedicated people who are genuinely concerned about the way our country is being governed. We will be carrying out a lot more of these days in the run up to the European elections next year. We have to, our people need to know that we are there for them where others have failed and that is not just Africans who can be proud of their culture and heritage” commented organiser Adam Walker.

This type of activism is spot on for spreading our message far and wide for the upcoming European elections, with very limited equipment needed.

“Loads of people were happy to see us; many commented that they hope to see us again soon. They said that they were glad someone was prepared fight their corner and stand up for them. Many people feel let down by the establishment. It was great to see so many happy people when they were wished a very Merry Christmas” commented David O’Loughlin, one of our NW super activists.

 Can you spare one hour in your town helping our brave activists? If not then you need to ask yourself why not. Come on, it’s easy. Everyone can do something.

 Isnt it about time you stood up for your own people, town and country?
Why not order some leaflets from Alwyn Deacon at or by calling him on 07709 346 012.
 Together we CAN make Britain better.

Rochdale and Burnley get message of hope.

North West Super activist David O'Loughlin organised an intense day of action last week starting at 9am when members of the St Helens group met David in Rochdale where 400 VoF newspapers were delivered in one of our target wards.
The team then moved to Burnley where they where met by NW MEP Nick Griffin, who was having a planning meeting in the Burnley Office with Clive Jefferson, Alwyn Deacon and Angus Matthys and we took the opportunity to snatch Nick and the planning team for walk through and leafleting of Burnley Town centre. 

"The response was tremendous"  David told BNP News, "This is what activism is all about, meeting the people and leaving them with some quality literature to read after some face to face contact. 8 out of 10 people took the literature and we even signed two old members back up again who had moved and lost contact with the party and were delighted to see us active in the town centre again". 

"Nick only had limited time with us in the town but it was great to see him on the streets and see the positive response Nick receives when he meets his electorate," Geoff Foreman, St Helens fund holder, said. "Myself and our Organiser Peter Clayton brought a team of St Helens activists over today to work with David and it has been a great day out, very positive and more importantly we have learned a great deal about postal vote harvesting in target wards that will feed into our own campaign is St Helens". 
The team finished the day with evening postal vote harvesting in the target ward in Burnley. 

An incredible day of activism and the Chairman even bought us all Lunch.  A great day out.

Get Up, Get Active in the North West.

If there is no branch or activity in your area then the answer is to join the strongest region, the North West. Become a lead activist or branch organiser today, because tomorrow is too late.

As you already know the North West activist teams and branches are very busy campaigning for the re-election of the party Chairman Nick Griffin MEP to the European Union, taking you back to 2009, when the British National Party rocked the political elite and the voters looked right through the dam of lies by the media.
We must re-group and get active on every street and centre of every town, this means you, the reader of this article, join us and be tomorrow’s history makers. 

We are at war with the current establishment, and wars cannot be won alone, it’s your duty if not to the party but to nationalism to get active today, for the future of your children, grandchildren, your family and fellow patriots, Britain belongs to the British.
If you can help in any way, i.e. posting leaflets in your estate, gathering postal votes, standing in town centres handing party literature out, transporting activists around, even starting a group or becoming a port of call in your area, then you need to contact Gary Tumulty, acting North West Regional Organiser today by emailing .
Gary Tumulty said “I can have anyone willing to help out, up and running within 24 hours of making contact with me, today is decision day, do you sit there doing nothing or do you get active?, the reward will come when the British National Party take control of our country, and I want you to be a part of this join me and my ever growing pro active team”.

Get involved today, Gary’s email address again is or write to him at BNP, PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Back To Basics With New Manchester BNP Leaflet

Manchester British National Party has gone back to basics with this new leaflet which has hit the streets of the city, the leaflet outlines how we love Manchester, and drums home the party core message of hope
  • Stop Mass Immigration
  • Get out of the EU
  • British Jobs for British workers
  • Safer streets
  • Protecting our identity

Steve Carden Manchester British National Party Organiser tells site “This is a very simple leaflet, and outlines our party position on a wide range of issues effecting the country today, this leaflet is red by purpose design, because it aimed right at Labour voters, Labour control our city and this needs to be changed today because tomorrow is to late

“I look forward to enquires this leaflet will generate, because the support is really out there in the streets of Manchester, We will be doing follow up visits of where this leaflet has been distributed and asking the public views on it, and asking them to sign up to the postal vote and vote British National Party (BNP)

Reading this report from Manchester?

Do you love Manchester like Steve does?

Can you help contact Steve right away by emailing donations towards a second run of these leaflets and also letters of support can be sent to BNP PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT.

BNP Victory In Tameside As Mosque Plans Are Refused

As previously reported the Tameside branch of the British National Party, along with North West Infidels had worked with the local people of Stalybridge, to reject the plans of a proposed mosque application submitted initially by Dr Arthar Saddiqi. 

The organisers and fighting engine behind the grand plan, Muslim brother’s Mujahid and Khalid Zaheer, had a more sinister and cunning plan of attempting the slide the plans of converting the Old Pineapple Inn, Kenworthy Street through as a ‘community centre’ with an on-site mosque, with ambitions of opening 7 days a week including bank holidays 7AM till 11PM.

Under no illusions of goodwill the Muslim trio and their proposals for the new mosque, had the local community in uproar and lead them to contact the British National Party for help and our intervention to halt the mosque application, An online petition was set up locally accompanied by a written door to door public petition headed by the locals and North West Infidels with the weight of the British National Party behind them.

On the 11 November 2013 Tameside Borough Council Planning department finally brought the scheme to an end and rejected and denied the ‘community centre / mosque’ application for the foreseeable future, on the grounds and impact it would have on residents lives, such as inadequate parking facilities.

Kay Pollitt, Tameside British National Party Organiser said “I am delighted with the news of the Stalybridge Mosque application being rejected, I would like to thank them people who saw straight through the wicked plans of the Muslim three who wanted to open this door to hell for them residents.

“Another thank you goes to woody from the NWI who worked alongside the British National Party in Tameside and gave it his all to aim for the same goal, stopping the mosque.

“It is good nationalists can come together forget their politics and work as one for the cause of saving Great Britain and I look forward to working with you guys again”.

To contact Tameside British National Party email letters of support can be sent direct to BNP, PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Tameside BNP Say “No to Mosque Plans”

Tameside British National Party join with other nationalists and residents of Stalybridge, to say no thank you to new mosque proposals application submitted by two muslim 
brothers Mujahid and Khalid Zaheer.

The application is to convert the old Pineapple pub situated on Kenworthy Street, Stalybridge into a community centre with a mosque on site, further to the application it would like to see the new project open 7AM till 11PM seven days a week including Christmas and bank holidays.

Outraged locals have started an online petition which has seen over 1450 people sign, and a further paper petition was took onto the streets of Stalybridge and received a further 1000 signatures, Hitting the headlines in the Tameside Reporter a public meeting was to be held on the 9th October 2013, to come and meet and greet the applicants of the mosque with a chance to air any concerns. 

 A week before the public meet was called the British National Party through facebook social media site had scores of concerned locals making contact asking for help, and for us to oppose the application and stop the mosque being formed.

A flash demo was called locally on the morning of the public meeting to raise awareness of the proposed plans for the town, and at the last minute the meeting was pulled by the two muslim organisers.

Kay Pollitt Tameside British National Party Organiser tells correspondents “There is no big population of muslims in Stalybridge, so there is no requirement for a new mosque as it offers no real benefits to the locals, Ashton is very close to Stalybridge and harbours more than 3 bringing the city’s  total up to 7, we don’t need another one.

“The locals are talking in depth about the effect it will have on everyday life, like the noise pollution it will produce with the chanting of Muslim hymns to all hours, the parking issue it will bring along also with concerns of antisocial behaviour from those Muslims  who like to segregate themselve’s away from us British but in a more sinister outlook we must remember it is Muslims who like to groom our children.

“I would appeal to Mujahid and Khalid Zaheer and say please do not open another mosque in this area, as we the locals don’t want it, we did come to the meeting to put our concerns direct to you and it was cancelled by yourselves, and a missed opportunity to see what people think”. 

In a unsavoury interview Stalybridge Labour MP  Jonathan Reynolds told local journalists “I have no objection to any new mosques. Tameside is home to many Muslims and that is something to be proud of. It’s true that Stalybridge doesn’t have a significant Muslim community and so I’m not aware of a large demand for a mosque, but in terms of a planning application that is not a material issue”

To contact Tameside British National Party, email or write to Tameside BNP, C/O PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT