Wednesday, 28 November 2012

St Helens, on the up.

Mike Whitby Peter Clayton St Helens BNP

Like other groups and branches across the country, St Helens had experienced a decline in numbers at our monthly meetings. However in that past few months there seems to be a new wave of optimism around. This has been noticeable with an increase in our attendance figures. It has also been rewarding and gratifying to see many old faces returning, along with all of the new faces attending their first ever British National Party meetings. It does therefore appear that in St Helens we have turned the corner, and once again we are heading in the right direction.
On Monday 26th November, we held our most recent meeting at our regular St Helens venue. Our new organiser Peter Clayton opened the meeting and thanked everyone for attending, before introducing Mike Whitby as our first speaker for the evening. Mike once again delivered an excellent and informative speech on the subject of fractional reserve banking, and also the British tax system.
During the short interval that followed we held our raffle and indulged ourselves in a very welcome buffet, all those in attendance were given a copy of the latest Voice of Freedom newspaper. The meeting resumed with Peter introducing our second guest speaker, former Royal Marine and Wigan organiser Dennis Shambley. Dennis spoke enthusiastically on a wide range of topics and posed some thought provoking questions to the audience regarding the state of the country and our future.
 The meeting concluded with Peter Clayton highlighting a number of local issues that are currently on going, in and around the St Helens area.
I would like to thank everyone who attended, and hope to see even more people joining us for our next meeting. It’s now onwards and upwards for St Helens, British National Party.

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