Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Manchester Election Overview

Eddy O'Sullivan BNP

The Manchester Central parliamentary and Ardwick local elections were both contested by the British National Party thus making the Labour Party run scared of the only game in town.

Now the opposition have announced its been a disastrous election in this area for this party, I correct them, It wasn't and this is the Manchester overview.

Out of 95,000 voters only 16,648 that's 18% bothered to come out and vote, this is the single lowest turn out since world war 2, our  Manchester Central candidate polled 492 that just under 3% of the vote that beats the Pirate, Trade Union, Respect, Monster Raving looney, People's Democratic Party and the Communist League.

The Labour Party did win, yes, with 11, 507 votes well down from their 2010 general election vote of 22,000 so that vote has halved, Lib dem percentage dropped 17.2% as did the conservative's 7.5% the BNP vote also dropped by a mere 1.7% so it's not such a big loss as the other main stream parties, in fact if more people would have voted our percentage and vote turn out would have indeed been a bigger number.

Adwick BNP Steve Carden

Ardwick Candidate Steve Carden took 1.82% of his ward, Now Ardwick is heavily ethnically enriched, holding districts such as Longsight and Levenshulme, with a massive 80% of voters being non British, This result from Ardwick is great as we have never stood anybody in that ward before, so it's a 100% vote increase for the party and now sets a bar.

I will now expose Manchester Council democratic department for what they are, our agents went along to the Postal Vote opening, to find staff playing on mobile phones openly using social networks facebook, Twitter etc, despite a secrecy rule, other staff showing off new cloths she had purchased whilst out shopping earlier in the day. When challenged the inspectors / supervisors where happy with the proceedings until told by BNP activist and Regional Organisers to get this problem sorted. It was also noted council staff said, we are the only party ever to check up on the postal vote opening.

The election night was also an experience we will never forget, when the verification process was happening council staff were grouping votes off in packs of 25, and when the verification had taken place the count started, council counting staff decided to leave bundles of 25's on the table claiming they were Labour votes, The counting agents had not seen the votes singly as in verification they are looking to confirm polling station numbers not votes.

BNP counting agents with their work cut out demanded to see the votes singly as staff was presuming they were Labour 25 block votes, with emotions flying high and council supervisors defending actions of their staff, the penny drops and votes get counted singly, one block 25 pack what was said to be Labour's held 7 BNP votes.

After the wards had been supposedly counted verified and bulked in to 25 votes per party, they were moved to another table and bundled in to 100's and placed on candidate names, on this process it was like pick a box any box, Regional Organiser Gary Tumulty observed a council employee select 75 BNP votes place 25 Conservative votes on the top and attempt to put with their candidate, Gary challenged the staff who swore black was blue he was wrong, until he demanded a double check in front of him, then the 75 votes were returned to the BNP pile with no apology, just a dirty look.

Salford BNP's Acting Northwest Regional Organiser tells web site "Manchester council are severely lacked in election security  i have been to many counts, all over and this is the worst i have ever seen.

"Our candidates should be very proud of themselves and hold their heads high, I don't really care what any result are. The main thing is that we contest any seat, at what ever level where the Labour party stand and we get our message right across.

Vote BNP

"It amazes me when you hear opposition groups and anti democratic movements say we are electorally dead, in this election we saw the Labour party activists deliver more anti BNP leaflets then their own stuff, I mean they claim every home in Ardwick got canvassed and told don't vote BNP, what are they so scared of if we are electorally dead, say one thing do another springs to mind" Gary Concluded.

To get involved with Manchester British National Party or maybe you wish to stand in an election in your own area then get in touch email salford@bnp.org.uk

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