Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Labour Claim Credit For BNP Campaign In Stockport

Labours Lies

A report you may all remember from July 2012, when Stockport BNP campaigned with the local community to stop the planning application to convert the old Bulls Head pub to a Mosque and healing centre for the muslims (Click to see report).

The Labour Party in Reddish North ward have been distributing their local link news letter, claiming that they did not back the mosque application and they withdrew it altogether. What the Labour Party fail to  mention is it was in fact the British National Party activists on the streets with residents who collected signatures with the local community to oppose the plans.

The Labour Party also fail to mention that at a local meeting in the area, they were singing the praises of the tiny muslim community of reddish and how a mosque would be good for the area, bringing more multicultural diversity in to the community. When the locals heard this they were outraged, and Labour councilor's turned their back on them by leaving the meeting. BNP activists who were present in the room said of how some local people were asking where are the BNP, we need them, then we helped local people collect signatures and held tabletops to oppose the plans

Where was labour?

Acting Regional Organiser Gary Tumulty, said "I went up to one of their table tops as did the party chairman Nick Griffin MEP, we never once saw the Labour party out helping local people or collect one single signature, and from what i am lead to understand although they said they did not support the application, they didn't even sign the petition.

"The Labour party are natural born liars claiming to have kicked this application out, when in fact it was down to the residents and local BNP Stockport Organiser Sheila Spink, with her team of dedicated hard working activists, Andy, Brenda, and Jed who were out on the streets daily to have the mosque stopped" Gary concluded.

Stockport In Action

Stockport British National Party can be contacted by emailing letters of support for that branch can also be sent to BNP, PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT.

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