Thursday, 1 November 2012


Stockport BNP

The Greater Manchester Ladies Action Team took their stall into the heart of enemy territory and straight into the heat of battle last Saturday in Reddish Stockport with the new pink leaflet on guidance for young teenagers warning and coaching them about the sex grooming gangs. The response from the public was warm and friendly, despite the cold weather. Older women out with their grandchildren took multiple copies of the leaflets to distribute to family and neighbours. Predictably, the only trouble we encountered was from the, by now well known, young thug of a local Labour councillor, whose vile hate speech against us and intimidating behaviour just sums up the violent antagonism to the truth practiced by the main parties and their propaganda machine. If he had an ounce of decency in him he would expend his energy fighting this evil crime instead of attacking us for doing just that. I feel total disgust for this man. How can he hold public office? He managed to bully away a professional woman who had just signed the petition. She came back later to pick up some leaflets after he had left. "I am going to read about you and your Party for myself and make up my own mind" she said. Good for her. Keep Calm and Carry On. This is what we do.

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