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Burnley BNP Say's Welcome To New Organiser Tim Glover

Welcome To Burnley BNP

By Timothy Glover, New Burnley Branch Organiser.

Wednesday 27th November saw the Burnley branch being restructured, with the handover of organiser from Chris Vanns to Timothy Glover. Many branches in the North West have seen a number of valued members leave but we were pleasantly surprised to see 20 plus attend our first meeting in a while. I would like to take this time to firstly thank everyone who attended and all the members who have stayed loyal to the branch throughout the last 12 months and the old organiser who has been extremely busy with elections, party promotion. Special thanks go out to our BNPTV camera man who is always on hand to record events such as this as well there on going support, Tony Bamber for his passionate speech, Mike Whitby for attending, chairing and his ongoing support, Eddy O’Sullivan for his informative speech on elections and the learning curve of campaigning in heavily ethnic populated areas. I would also like to thank Dawn Charlton, Gary Tumulty and David O’loughlin for their continued support.

Mike Whitby opened the meeting by thanking the attendance of those who came and announced the change over of organiser position. He then announced the first speaker, Tony Bamber. Tony spoke about the dominant ideology and the heroin trade and how both of these things have contributed to the destruction of this country.

Tony Bamber BNP

Tony also read out an email that was received by Cllr Brian Parker of Pendle in the last few days by a grotesque individual. This email consisted of a number of threats, which included threats for his property to be petrol bombed, direct harm not only to himself but also his family. It also stated that this lowlife drain of society was also practising satanic prayers and praying that Cllr Brian Parker would burn in hell!! I would like to thank Cllr Brian Parker for all his hard work he has and continues to do for the party and the people of Pendle. It was also touched on that the chairman, Mr Nick Griffin receives death threats every day of the week; this should not be the case. In effect we as a party are only doing that of what our dads, granddads etc. did for us in the trenches in the wars but without the violence. It is our jobs to fight for the future of this country therefore I feel it is only right to praise Cllr Parker and the Chairman and all those who have suffered this sort of abuse and threats through standing up for our future, staying strong and not backing down against the bully’s of our society.

Eddy O'Sullivan BNP

Mike Whitby then introduced our next speaker, Eddy O’Sullivan who joined us from Manchester Central. Eddy spoke about the recent parliamentary election in which he was the candidate as well as the election that went ahead in Ardwick. Eddy stated that it is important to contest every seat regardless of the demographics of the area. We have to give the indigenous people in the heavier populated ethnic areas a voice and only the BNP will do this. He also praised Mr Griffin for his help during the elections, what other parties leader gets on the streets to meet the people and give a helping hand. He also praised the help from all the different branches that helped out during the elections.

Eddy gave us a real eye opener in the sense of the corrupt way that the members of the different councils demonstrate behaviour around the opening of the postal votes and in the count itself. He stated how a number of votes had been put onto Labours pile and the ignorance of the staff around this. Thankfully Gary Tumulty managed to resolve this issue promptly.

In the break Chris Vann’s kindly laid on a buffet and gave us all time to have a catch up with fellow patriots. The raffle was also drawn and a collection for the branch was undertaken and I therefore would like to thank all that donated generously to the branch.

Mike Whitby BNP

After the break Mike Whitby gave a short speech with regards to fractional banking. He also made us aware that there is an interesting magazine called uncensored available both in shops and online. This magazine is published on a quarterly basis and covers a vast amount of subjects that otherwise would not be bought into the public domain.

Tim Glover then addressed the members. He discussed the direction he wishes to take the branch in order for it to be successful again and become active.

Tim Glover BNP

As part of the restructure process we asked for members to come forward with ideas for a new banner. A number of ideas were put forward and we will now be establishing the overall design.

The next meeting will be held at the end of January, date to be confirmed shortly.

If you are interested in getting involved with the Burnley branch please contact Tim Glover, organiser on 07707945083 or email him at

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