Friday, 30 November 2012

Election Lessons

Eddy O'Sullivan, In Burnley BNP

Eddy O’Sullivan speaks about the recent parliamentary election in which he was the candidate as well as the election that went ahead in Ardwick.

He also gives us a real eye opener in the sense of the corrupt way that the members of the different councils demonstrate behaviour around the opening of the postal votes and in the count itself.

Watch the full video below.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Burnley BNP Say's Welcome To New Organiser Tim Glover

Welcome To Burnley BNP

By Timothy Glover, New Burnley Branch Organiser.

Wednesday 27th November saw the Burnley branch being restructured, with the handover of organiser from Chris Vanns to Timothy Glover. Many branches in the North West have seen a number of valued members leave but we were pleasantly surprised to see 20 plus attend our first meeting in a while. I would like to take this time to firstly thank everyone who attended and all the members who have stayed loyal to the branch throughout the last 12 months and the old organiser who has been extremely busy with elections, party promotion. Special thanks go out to our BNPTV camera man who is always on hand to record events such as this as well there on going support, Tony Bamber for his passionate speech, Mike Whitby for attending, chairing and his ongoing support, Eddy O’Sullivan for his informative speech on elections and the learning curve of campaigning in heavily ethnic populated areas. I would also like to thank Dawn Charlton, Gary Tumulty and David O’loughlin for their continued support.

Mike Whitby opened the meeting by thanking the attendance of those who came and announced the change over of organiser position. He then announced the first speaker, Tony Bamber. Tony spoke about the dominant ideology and the heroin trade and how both of these things have contributed to the destruction of this country.

Tony Bamber BNP

Tony also read out an email that was received by Cllr Brian Parker of Pendle in the last few days by a grotesque individual. This email consisted of a number of threats, which included threats for his property to be petrol bombed, direct harm not only to himself but also his family. It also stated that this lowlife drain of society was also practising satanic prayers and praying that Cllr Brian Parker would burn in hell!! I would like to thank Cllr Brian Parker for all his hard work he has and continues to do for the party and the people of Pendle. It was also touched on that the chairman, Mr Nick Griffin receives death threats every day of the week; this should not be the case. In effect we as a party are only doing that of what our dads, granddads etc. did for us in the trenches in the wars but without the violence. It is our jobs to fight for the future of this country therefore I feel it is only right to praise Cllr Parker and the Chairman and all those who have suffered this sort of abuse and threats through standing up for our future, staying strong and not backing down against the bully’s of our society.

Eddy O'Sullivan BNP

Mike Whitby then introduced our next speaker, Eddy O’Sullivan who joined us from Manchester Central. Eddy spoke about the recent parliamentary election in which he was the candidate as well as the election that went ahead in Ardwick. Eddy stated that it is important to contest every seat regardless of the demographics of the area. We have to give the indigenous people in the heavier populated ethnic areas a voice and only the BNP will do this. He also praised Mr Griffin for his help during the elections, what other parties leader gets on the streets to meet the people and give a helping hand. He also praised the help from all the different branches that helped out during the elections.

Eddy gave us a real eye opener in the sense of the corrupt way that the members of the different councils demonstrate behaviour around the opening of the postal votes and in the count itself. He stated how a number of votes had been put onto Labours pile and the ignorance of the staff around this. Thankfully Gary Tumulty managed to resolve this issue promptly.

In the break Chris Vann’s kindly laid on a buffet and gave us all time to have a catch up with fellow patriots. The raffle was also drawn and a collection for the branch was undertaken and I therefore would like to thank all that donated generously to the branch.

Mike Whitby BNP

After the break Mike Whitby gave a short speech with regards to fractional banking. He also made us aware that there is an interesting magazine called uncensored available both in shops and online. This magazine is published on a quarterly basis and covers a vast amount of subjects that otherwise would not be bought into the public domain.

Tim Glover then addressed the members. He discussed the direction he wishes to take the branch in order for it to be successful again and become active.

Tim Glover BNP

As part of the restructure process we asked for members to come forward with ideas for a new banner. A number of ideas were put forward and we will now be establishing the overall design.

The next meeting will be held at the end of January, date to be confirmed shortly.

If you are interested in getting involved with the Burnley branch please contact Tim Glover, organiser on 07707945083 or email him at

St Helens, on the up.

Mike Whitby Peter Clayton St Helens BNP

Like other groups and branches across the country, St Helens had experienced a decline in numbers at our monthly meetings. However in that past few months there seems to be a new wave of optimism around. This has been noticeable with an increase in our attendance figures. It has also been rewarding and gratifying to see many old faces returning, along with all of the new faces attending their first ever British National Party meetings. It does therefore appear that in St Helens we have turned the corner, and once again we are heading in the right direction.
On Monday 26th November, we held our most recent meeting at our regular St Helens venue. Our new organiser Peter Clayton opened the meeting and thanked everyone for attending, before introducing Mike Whitby as our first speaker for the evening. Mike once again delivered an excellent and informative speech on the subject of fractional reserve banking, and also the British tax system.
During the short interval that followed we held our raffle and indulged ourselves in a very welcome buffet, all those in attendance were given a copy of the latest Voice of Freedom newspaper. The meeting resumed with Peter introducing our second guest speaker, former Royal Marine and Wigan organiser Dennis Shambley. Dennis spoke enthusiastically on a wide range of topics and posed some thought provoking questions to the audience regarding the state of the country and our future.
 The meeting concluded with Peter Clayton highlighting a number of local issues that are currently on going, in and around the St Helens area.
I would like to thank everyone who attended, and hope to see even more people joining us for our next meeting. It’s now onwards and upwards for St Helens, British National Party.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

We Invite You To Burnley

BNP Heart

We would like to invite you all to the Burnley branch meeting on the 27th November 2012

We have some great speakers, Eddy O’Sullivan and Tony Bamber.
This is an important meeting to attend as we have some big changes to be announced.
We will also be designing a new banner for the Burnley branch so any design ideas or suggestions will be greatly welcomed - whether it’s a full design or just things you feel we should include, your input is important to us!
We will also be doing a raffle to help raise money for the branch so all raffle donation prizes will be gratefully received.
Hope to see you all there.
For more information please email - Burnley BNP organiser.

Labour Claim Credit For BNP Campaign In Stockport

Labours Lies

A report you may all remember from July 2012, when Stockport BNP campaigned with the local community to stop the planning application to convert the old Bulls Head pub to a Mosque and healing centre for the muslims (Click to see report).

The Labour Party in Reddish North ward have been distributing their local link news letter, claiming that they did not back the mosque application and they withdrew it altogether. What the Labour Party fail to  mention is it was in fact the British National Party activists on the streets with residents who collected signatures with the local community to oppose the plans.

The Labour Party also fail to mention that at a local meeting in the area, they were singing the praises of the tiny muslim community of reddish and how a mosque would be good for the area, bringing more multicultural diversity in to the community. When the locals heard this they were outraged, and Labour councilor's turned their back on them by leaving the meeting. BNP activists who were present in the room said of how some local people were asking where are the BNP, we need them, then we helped local people collect signatures and held tabletops to oppose the plans

Where was labour?

Acting Regional Organiser Gary Tumulty, said "I went up to one of their table tops as did the party chairman Nick Griffin MEP, we never once saw the Labour party out helping local people or collect one single signature, and from what i am lead to understand although they said they did not support the application, they didn't even sign the petition.

"The Labour party are natural born liars claiming to have kicked this application out, when in fact it was down to the residents and local BNP Stockport Organiser Sheila Spink, with her team of dedicated hard working activists, Andy, Brenda, and Jed who were out on the streets daily to have the mosque stopped" Gary concluded.

Stockport In Action

Stockport British National Party can be contacted by emailing letters of support for that branch can also be sent to BNP, PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Manchester Election Overview

Eddy O'Sullivan BNP

The Manchester Central parliamentary and Ardwick local elections were both contested by the British National Party thus making the Labour Party run scared of the only game in town.

Now the opposition have announced its been a disastrous election in this area for this party, I correct them, It wasn't and this is the Manchester overview.

Out of 95,000 voters only 16,648 that's 18% bothered to come out and vote, this is the single lowest turn out since world war 2, our  Manchester Central candidate polled 492 that just under 3% of the vote that beats the Pirate, Trade Union, Respect, Monster Raving looney, People's Democratic Party and the Communist League.

The Labour Party did win, yes, with 11, 507 votes well down from their 2010 general election vote of 22,000 so that vote has halved, Lib dem percentage dropped 17.2% as did the conservative's 7.5% the BNP vote also dropped by a mere 1.7% so it's not such a big loss as the other main stream parties, in fact if more people would have voted our percentage and vote turn out would have indeed been a bigger number.

Adwick BNP Steve Carden

Ardwick Candidate Steve Carden took 1.82% of his ward, Now Ardwick is heavily ethnically enriched, holding districts such as Longsight and Levenshulme, with a massive 80% of voters being non British, This result from Ardwick is great as we have never stood anybody in that ward before, so it's a 100% vote increase for the party and now sets a bar.

I will now expose Manchester Council democratic department for what they are, our agents went along to the Postal Vote opening, to find staff playing on mobile phones openly using social networks facebook, Twitter etc, despite a secrecy rule, other staff showing off new cloths she had purchased whilst out shopping earlier in the day. When challenged the inspectors / supervisors where happy with the proceedings until told by BNP activist and Regional Organisers to get this problem sorted. It was also noted council staff said, we are the only party ever to check up on the postal vote opening.

The election night was also an experience we will never forget, when the verification process was happening council staff were grouping votes off in packs of 25, and when the verification had taken place the count started, council counting staff decided to leave bundles of 25's on the table claiming they were Labour votes, The counting agents had not seen the votes singly as in verification they are looking to confirm polling station numbers not votes.

BNP counting agents with their work cut out demanded to see the votes singly as staff was presuming they were Labour 25 block votes, with emotions flying high and council supervisors defending actions of their staff, the penny drops and votes get counted singly, one block 25 pack what was said to be Labour's held 7 BNP votes.

After the wards had been supposedly counted verified and bulked in to 25 votes per party, they were moved to another table and bundled in to 100's and placed on candidate names, on this process it was like pick a box any box, Regional Organiser Gary Tumulty observed a council employee select 75 BNP votes place 25 Conservative votes on the top and attempt to put with their candidate, Gary challenged the staff who swore black was blue he was wrong, until he demanded a double check in front of him, then the 75 votes were returned to the BNP pile with no apology, just a dirty look.

Salford BNP's Acting Northwest Regional Organiser tells web site "Manchester council are severely lacked in election security  i have been to many counts, all over and this is the worst i have ever seen.

"Our candidates should be very proud of themselves and hold their heads high, I don't really care what any result are. The main thing is that we contest any seat, at what ever level where the Labour party stand and we get our message right across.

Vote BNP

"It amazes me when you hear opposition groups and anti democratic movements say we are electorally dead, in this election we saw the Labour party activists deliver more anti BNP leaflets then their own stuff, I mean they claim every home in Ardwick got canvassed and told don't vote BNP, what are they so scared of if we are electorally dead, say one thing do another springs to mind" Gary Concluded.

To get involved with Manchester British National Party or maybe you wish to stand in an election in your own area then get in touch email

Nick Griffin MEP Speaks In Manchester

Lots Of Fun In Manchester

Pre Election on a rainy Tuesday night around 70 nationalists from across Manchester to see party chairman and Northwest MEP Nick Griffin  speak to a crowded event with no room to sit every one.

Before the Chairman turned up Manchester Central candidate Eddy O'Sullivan delivered his election address to the crowd and massive cheers and rounds of applause was received  after the break it was on to Nick Griffin MEP who was introduced on stage by acting Northwest Regional Organiser Gary Tumulty.

Top Table

The speech was filmed by our very own film crew BNPTV i add the link / video below so i will not spoil it for you as you can watch the footage as it unfolds

BNP Chairman In Manchester

After the speech donations were offered and well over £1000 was collected towards the cost leaflets for the Manchester Central and Ardwick candidates leaflet's.

Gary Tumulty tells site "I thank every member who turned up, and donated to the cause, meetings like this remind me of when i first joined up they were packed out, the buzz was in the room that night and I was proud to stand up at the front of the room in front of every one".

To attend a Manchester meeting or get actively involved email letters of support can be sent to BNP, PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Manchester's Only Hope

Eddy O'Sullivan Back To Winning

Reader and subscriber to this site i give to you, Manchester Central parliamentary candidate Eddy O'Sullivan

Click Play To Watch

Thursday 15th November 2012 Vote Eddy O'Sullivan, Vote British National Party

Manchester Labour CLLR Demands Removal Of BNP Wreath

Labour Scum

Manchester Labour Councillor for Withington Chris Paul of Westfield Road, Chorlton, has demanded the removal of the wreath laid down at the cenotaph by the British National Party in memory of the soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our country and freedom

Mr Paul has openly on social networking site twitter has encouraged his followers and tag's his extremists comrades from the UAF to remove the party's wreath 


Also Labour's tweeting mad Mr Paul suggests BNP chairman had a conviction for publishing pro nazi holocaust denial, and demands officers from Greater Manchester police to be pulled off the job of catching criminals to instantly go and investigate the wreath, 

To Greater Manchester Police credit, the tell Mr Paul no crime has been committed and there is nothing wrong with our wreath.


Acting Northwest Regional Organiser Gary Tumulty tell correspondents "Just who do the Labour Party think they are, they have more blood of troops on their hand than any body, I really do think they should look closer to home.

"The standards of Chris Paul are shocking and unbelievable  the police should be looking at taking action against him for the miss-use of telecommunications act, Inciting people to go along and commit a crime of theft, along with the disrespect of our fallen troops" Gary Concludes

Chris Paul can be contacted on 07734137402 or 01612347009 his sugerys are held every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the Month at Withington Library  410 Wilmslow Road, Manchester M20 3BN

Thursday, 1 November 2012


Stockport BNP

The Greater Manchester Ladies Action Team took their stall into the heart of enemy territory and straight into the heat of battle last Saturday in Reddish Stockport with the new pink leaflet on guidance for young teenagers warning and coaching them about the sex grooming gangs. The response from the public was warm and friendly, despite the cold weather. Older women out with their grandchildren took multiple copies of the leaflets to distribute to family and neighbours. Predictably, the only trouble we encountered was from the, by now well known, young thug of a local Labour councillor, whose vile hate speech against us and intimidating behaviour just sums up the violent antagonism to the truth practiced by the main parties and their propaganda machine. If he had an ounce of decency in him he would expend his energy fighting this evil crime instead of attacking us for doing just that. I feel total disgust for this man. How can he hold public office? He managed to bully away a professional woman who had just signed the petition. She came back later to pick up some leaflets after he had left. "I am going to read about you and your Party for myself and make up my own mind" she said. Good for her. Keep Calm and Carry On. This is what we do.