Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Tameside BNP - On The Road


Tameside British National Party members pounding the streets and focusing on what they are good at, the local elections, One particular member who is keen to show his face on the ward he lives and chooses to stand, is Ian Connor, Ian for the past few months has been leafleting his local community and speaking to local's about his focus for the 2014 by-elections.

With around 8000, homes receiving the 'I love GB' leaflet  should tell the story, we are passionate about our beliefs and country. Ian is now taking local case work from angry locals, who feel the Tameside Labour party have let them down, One key focus is the bin collections and how they have been moved from a weekly collection to fortnightly leading to over flowing bins and  making the area look like a tip.

Tameside Council Bin

Ian tell's correspondents "I am looking forward to standing for council for the first time, I am putting my pride and joy into running for the elections because i really do care about my community, and its people, Labour have had it their own way to long on this estate, and things have to change dramatically for the better, and the British National Party is the only way forward for the local people".

Gary Tumulty acting British National Party Northwest Regional organiser adds "We thank Ian for his passion, Ian is just one of a number of members in Tameside who are more than to happy to help and stand for what they believe in, the 2014 elections are just round the corner, and we just need that bit more support, from new or even old members who would like to return to the branch, so please get in contact and lets all plan for the future".

To get in touch with Tameside British National Party then please email or ring 07909674006 letter of support or donations can be sent to BNP (Tameside), PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT .

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