Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Stockport BNP Fighting Grooming Gangs

Stockport BNP - Sign The Petition

One of Greater Manchester Action Team launch the new petition in Stockport Town Centre.

Grooming for sex of underage English girls by Asian Muslim gangs is rife across the North West. Rumours tell us that Stockport is not isolated from this evil practice which has gone on unchecked for decades due to the refusal to bring protected communities to account for their actions
Well, the good residents of Stockport and all around Greater Manchester  will not be cowed by this politically correct establishment. The support for the new petition to demand a full public enquiry into the abuse of the most vulnerable members of British society was overwhelming. Decent living, hard working Muslims came over to the stall to give their support, they do not want these groomers to blight their community. We at the British National Party will be the ones to force the hand of our weak and helpless government to face up to their responsibilities and expose this cover up.

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