Friday, 19 October 2012

Gay Rights Gone To Far

Family Unit & Value 

As drama unfolds in to the the chairman Nick Griffins tweets about the gay couple who have just prosecuted a B&B, on grounds of discrimination  in relation to their sexual orientation, despite being against the owners religious beliefs.

Exposed right here on the British National Party web site, are not one but two of many GAY ONLY bed and breakfast retreat's, Key West Torqauy, Devon (Link to site) boast of its accommodation and house rules of  providing residential and leisure facilities for gay and bi-sexual men to promote and encourage well being amongst its visitors, another venue is Hamilton Hall, Bounmouth (Link to site ) another gay B&B aimed at men to specialise in events for gays with a huge choice workshops and fun things to entertain, educate, enlighten and amuse stating clothing is an option, so it doesn't leave much to the imagination of what just happens in these B&B come brothels.

Not only in the bed and breakfast does this favoring one over the others in this case gay over straight, but i was also exposed and reviled how some landlords also do the same placing adverts on gumtree and shop windows asking for 'Homosexual tenants only' (Link to report) and again all gone unchallenged with out a blink of the eye.

So party chairman Nick Griffin MEP make a comment about protesting on twitter and all hell brakes loose, the left wing opposition make the complains and the police then contact the gay couple who it concerns and urge them to make a formal complaint against the BNP chairman, in a bid to win cheep score points with a trumped up allegations and wasting of tax payers money, Its wrong the police pull all the stops out to persecute a party who believe in a freedom of speech.

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