Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Burnley BNP Expose Council For Wasting Taxpayer's Cash

Squat Toilets What Ever Next?

Written by Timothy Glover.

Having lived in Burnley for the past 4 months or so I have spent the time observing the different ways the council appease other ethnics groups. I was astounded to see the “squat toilet” in Burnley market. Having spoken to some of the local people with regards to this facility and found many were annoyed that in their opinion yet again money had been wasted.

The Squat Toilet which is also referred as the Nile pan or Turkish toilet requires the user to squat over the toilet rather than sit.

I decided to research this matter, reading on a number of websites I discovered that this facility had been in place since the summer of 2010. It was stated that “this facility was installed for Asian customers after bosses went on a cultural awareness course”. Seems to me yet again our culture goes out the window!

To further my investigations into this matter I sent a FOI to Burnley Council. The following questions were asked:-

1. How much did Burnley Council spend on the Squat toilets in Burnley market?
2. Can you show guidelines off the installation off the Squat toilets?
3. Why have the Squat toilets been installed?

There answers provided are as follows:-

1. R1 The works consisted of Asbestos Insulation Board removal under specialist contractor and licensed removal, Creation of Male, Female disabled, Family toilets and squat toilet and footbath . These were tendered under one overall contract and not specified by area in a figure of £34,415. The additional cost relating to Squat toilet and footbath will have flooring but offset by no toilet cost, and sanitary ware for the footbath

and related pipework. Although not specified as separate items, estimated cost of provision of this as opposed to another toilet/storage area is estimated at less than £1000.

2. R2 - There are no specific guidelines other than to ensure sufficient space and practical usability

3. R3 The squat toilets were installed to ensure that provision met the needs and preferences of all the market traders and their customers and provides an additional amenity to attract customers that help to support businesses in the Market.

Rather interestingly the answer to question one to me infers that they had to create the toilet facilities as a whole. Now my understanding is that the location of the Squat toilet was originally a disabled facility and the Gents and Lady’s were already in place, I may be wrong but this is my understanding from members of the public I have spoken to.

It is stated in the answer that the cost of the creation of these facilities was to the cost of £35,415! This work was completed within one contract which included the removal of asbestos insulation board carried out by a specialist contractor.

The answer to question 2 states there were no such guidelines only that there was sufficient room of the facility to be used and this room was practical.

Question 3’s answer has confirmed my thoughts. The Squat toilet was installed in their words, to ensure that the provisions meet the needs of all the market traders and their customers and provided additional amenities to attract customers that help to support the business in the market. Now to me in layman’s term, they were installed to appease the Asian community and to attract more and more Asians into the area.

The question I asked myself is, is this what we really need? Where is the help and support to local British business in the town? Where is the money being spent to help the indigenous people of Burnley? The money to help support the pub trades since the smoking bans have taken such a massive effect? I do not see the council spending the money to help protect and draw people into these businesses!! Do you?

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