Monday, 29 October 2012

Another case off our children falling victims!

Protect Children

On Wednesday 10th October, the people off the Coal Clough lane area off Burnley woke to the sight off “Missing” leaflets taped to the lamppost. Yet another innocent white child had been reported missing and presumed by word off mouth to be amongst the Muslim community in the Duke Bar and Stoneyholme area off the town

On investigation, Beth who resides in the Stoke-on-Trent area under the care off the local authority was reported missing on Saturday 6th October after not returning from a shopping trip. Reports were received presumably by the police from the local authority and those who were responsible for the full time care off Beth.

On making use off the numbers provided on the posters I managed to make contact with Beth’s mother to confirm that this 14year old girl was still outstanding. I managed to obtain a brief history before being directed to the leader off the search party who was distributing the “missing” posters. Being interested in local issues I felt as a local activist it was important to become involved in aiding this search in any way appropriate. It was stated by the leader off the search party that many local businesses had failed in assisting in the production off the posters. This unfortunately included the local council, library and initially the local newspaper. thankfully the Salford branch kindly donated over 900 missing persons leaflets.

There was a number off leads given in the Burnley area how ever these never lead to Beth. The most worrying piece off intelligence came from a Muslim which we believe was in the Burnley area at the time posters were being distributed. This Muslim phoned on a withheld number and refused to give a name. It was stated yet not proven on this phone call that Beth was believed to be pregnant by a Muslim in the area and that as he realised if Beth was to reach the outer community he would have consequences to face. It was stated that Beth was being kept in hiding for the protection off this Muslim paedophile.

Later on the Thursday after the majority off Burnley had been swamped with leaflets yet no conclusive leads came off it. It was decided by the search party to head over to Stoke where Beth resided and had a number off friends and family. Almost immediately residents approached the search team with new leads. These were passed to the local police force to follow up.

Beth was thankfully found on the morning off the 12th October by police safe and well. The police are currently talking to Beth and others involved.

Being part off doing background work and being in constant contact with the search team a number off negatives are present. To me it begs the questions off the actual control the local authority have off the children in there care. Situations like this should not be able to happen. The local authority must off been aware off the people that Beth was associating with whilst in the care. After investigation it is believed that Beth could be in a relationship with a Muslim which we are led to believe to be in his twenties. Why didn’t the local authorities pick up on this? They have failed in there duty off care and protection off Beth and raises the issues is Beth the only one that

Stoke social service have failed and neglected. Knowing what we know now over in places like Rochdale and Oldham this is not a one off case and over time more and more cases are becoming apparent. This has to stop, we have to protect our children and now before it becomes too late.

Not only the social services have failed but in my opinion the police that have been involved have not proven much better. I am led to believe that the police failed get the description right from one force to another is one thing but failing to obtain a picture off Beth is another. It took police in Burnley to talk to the search team whilst distributing the posters to obtain the much needed photo off Beth. They would have had more luck in finding a needle in a hay stack! AS the issue off Muslim grooming gangs slowly starting to be released into the main stream media and more people are being made aware off this issue, the question was put to the police that this was more than a possibility. I beliee police objected this could be the case and told the search team not to “jump the gun”. Well looking at the other proven cases off grooming this seemed to follow the same pattern. A vulnerable young female, no doubt mentally unstable is the normal bait for the grooming gangs. Unfortunately this is what Beth was. Although it has not been proven that she has been groomed all the signs point to this.

Yet again this whole situation has proven this government and this system is failing us our children and the future!! Its time we fight back and end the suffering off our children!

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