Monday, 29 October 2012

Another case off our children falling victims!

Protect Children

On Wednesday 10th October, the people off the Coal Clough lane area off Burnley woke to the sight off “Missing” leaflets taped to the lamppost. Yet another innocent white child had been reported missing and presumed by word off mouth to be amongst the Muslim community in the Duke Bar and Stoneyholme area off the town

On investigation, Beth who resides in the Stoke-on-Trent area under the care off the local authority was reported missing on Saturday 6th October after not returning from a shopping trip. Reports were received presumably by the police from the local authority and those who were responsible for the full time care off Beth.

On making use off the numbers provided on the posters I managed to make contact with Beth’s mother to confirm that this 14year old girl was still outstanding. I managed to obtain a brief history before being directed to the leader off the search party who was distributing the “missing” posters. Being interested in local issues I felt as a local activist it was important to become involved in aiding this search in any way appropriate. It was stated by the leader off the search party that many local businesses had failed in assisting in the production off the posters. This unfortunately included the local council, library and initially the local newspaper. thankfully the Salford branch kindly donated over 900 missing persons leaflets.

There was a number off leads given in the Burnley area how ever these never lead to Beth. The most worrying piece off intelligence came from a Muslim which we believe was in the Burnley area at the time posters were being distributed. This Muslim phoned on a withheld number and refused to give a name. It was stated yet not proven on this phone call that Beth was believed to be pregnant by a Muslim in the area and that as he realised if Beth was to reach the outer community he would have consequences to face. It was stated that Beth was being kept in hiding for the protection off this Muslim paedophile.

Later on the Thursday after the majority off Burnley had been swamped with leaflets yet no conclusive leads came off it. It was decided by the search party to head over to Stoke where Beth resided and had a number off friends and family. Almost immediately residents approached the search team with new leads. These were passed to the local police force to follow up.

Beth was thankfully found on the morning off the 12th October by police safe and well. The police are currently talking to Beth and others involved.

Being part off doing background work and being in constant contact with the search team a number off negatives are present. To me it begs the questions off the actual control the local authority have off the children in there care. Situations like this should not be able to happen. The local authority must off been aware off the people that Beth was associating with whilst in the care. After investigation it is believed that Beth could be in a relationship with a Muslim which we are led to believe to be in his twenties. Why didn’t the local authorities pick up on this? They have failed in there duty off care and protection off Beth and raises the issues is Beth the only one that

Stoke social service have failed and neglected. Knowing what we know now over in places like Rochdale and Oldham this is not a one off case and over time more and more cases are becoming apparent. This has to stop, we have to protect our children and now before it becomes too late.

Not only the social services have failed but in my opinion the police that have been involved have not proven much better. I am led to believe that the police failed get the description right from one force to another is one thing but failing to obtain a picture off Beth is another. It took police in Burnley to talk to the search team whilst distributing the posters to obtain the much needed photo off Beth. They would have had more luck in finding a needle in a hay stack! AS the issue off Muslim grooming gangs slowly starting to be released into the main stream media and more people are being made aware off this issue, the question was put to the police that this was more than a possibility. I beliee police objected this could be the case and told the search team not to “jump the gun”. Well looking at the other proven cases off grooming this seemed to follow the same pattern. A vulnerable young female, no doubt mentally unstable is the normal bait for the grooming gangs. Unfortunately this is what Beth was. Although it has not been proven that she has been groomed all the signs point to this.

Yet again this whole situation has proven this government and this system is failing us our children and the future!! Its time we fight back and end the suffering off our children!

Love Ardwick Vote Steven Carden BNP

Tameside day of action.

Pro Active

This week saw the Tameside branch take charge of a massive day if action which took to the streets of Denton.

Whilst a team manned an incredibly effect table top in which hundreds of people came forward to talk to us and also sign our get out of EU petition.

This Is What Its About

We also had a team out leafleting the streets surrounding.

When spoke to, local organiser Kay Pollitt said, it was a fantastic day with 100% support from the public, I would like to thank all those that helped out that day, but more importantly the public that came forward to show their support.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Stockport BNP Fighting Grooming Gangs

Stockport BNP - Sign The Petition

One of Greater Manchester Action Team launch the new petition in Stockport Town Centre.

Grooming for sex of underage English girls by Asian Muslim gangs is rife across the North West. Rumours tell us that Stockport is not isolated from this evil practice which has gone on unchecked for decades due to the refusal to bring protected communities to account for their actions
Well, the good residents of Stockport and all around Greater Manchester  will not be cowed by this politically correct establishment. The support for the new petition to demand a full public enquiry into the abuse of the most vulnerable members of British society was overwhelming. Decent living, hard working Muslims came over to the stall to give their support, they do not want these groomers to blight their community. We at the British National Party will be the ones to force the hand of our weak and helpless government to face up to their responsibilities and expose this cover up.

Burnley BNP Expose Council For Wasting Taxpayer's Cash

Squat Toilets What Ever Next?

Written by Timothy Glover.

Having lived in Burnley for the past 4 months or so I have spent the time observing the different ways the council appease other ethnics groups. I was astounded to see the “squat toilet” in Burnley market. Having spoken to some of the local people with regards to this facility and found many were annoyed that in their opinion yet again money had been wasted.

The Squat Toilet which is also referred as the Nile pan or Turkish toilet requires the user to squat over the toilet rather than sit.

I decided to research this matter, reading on a number of websites I discovered that this facility had been in place since the summer of 2010. It was stated that “this facility was installed for Asian customers after bosses went on a cultural awareness course”. Seems to me yet again our culture goes out the window!

To further my investigations into this matter I sent a FOI to Burnley Council. The following questions were asked:-

1. How much did Burnley Council spend on the Squat toilets in Burnley market?
2. Can you show guidelines off the installation off the Squat toilets?
3. Why have the Squat toilets been installed?

There answers provided are as follows:-

1. R1 The works consisted of Asbestos Insulation Board removal under specialist contractor and licensed removal, Creation of Male, Female disabled, Family toilets and squat toilet and footbath . These were tendered under one overall contract and not specified by area in a figure of £34,415. The additional cost relating to Squat toilet and footbath will have flooring but offset by no toilet cost, and sanitary ware for the footbath

and related pipework. Although not specified as separate items, estimated cost of provision of this as opposed to another toilet/storage area is estimated at less than £1000.

2. R2 - There are no specific guidelines other than to ensure sufficient space and practical usability

3. R3 The squat toilets were installed to ensure that provision met the needs and preferences of all the market traders and their customers and provides an additional amenity to attract customers that help to support businesses in the Market.

Rather interestingly the answer to question one to me infers that they had to create the toilet facilities as a whole. Now my understanding is that the location of the Squat toilet was originally a disabled facility and the Gents and Lady’s were already in place, I may be wrong but this is my understanding from members of the public I have spoken to.

It is stated in the answer that the cost of the creation of these facilities was to the cost of £35,415! This work was completed within one contract which included the removal of asbestos insulation board carried out by a specialist contractor.

The answer to question 2 states there were no such guidelines only that there was sufficient room of the facility to be used and this room was practical.

Question 3’s answer has confirmed my thoughts. The Squat toilet was installed in their words, to ensure that the provisions meet the needs of all the market traders and their customers and provided additional amenities to attract customers that help to support the business in the market. Now to me in layman’s term, they were installed to appease the Asian community and to attract more and more Asians into the area.

The question I asked myself is, is this what we really need? Where is the help and support to local British business in the town? Where is the money being spent to help the indigenous people of Burnley? The money to help support the pub trades since the smoking bans have taken such a massive effect? I do not see the council spending the money to help protect and draw people into these businesses!! Do you?

Friday, 19 October 2012

Gay Rights Gone To Far

Family Unit & Value 

As drama unfolds in to the the chairman Nick Griffins tweets about the gay couple who have just prosecuted a B&B, on grounds of discrimination  in relation to their sexual orientation, despite being against the owners religious beliefs.

Exposed right here on the British National Party web site, are not one but two of many GAY ONLY bed and breakfast retreat's, Key West Torqauy, Devon (Link to site) boast of its accommodation and house rules of  providing residential and leisure facilities for gay and bi-sexual men to promote and encourage well being amongst its visitors, another venue is Hamilton Hall, Bounmouth (Link to site ) another gay B&B aimed at men to specialise in events for gays with a huge choice workshops and fun things to entertain, educate, enlighten and amuse stating clothing is an option, so it doesn't leave much to the imagination of what just happens in these B&B come brothels.

Not only in the bed and breakfast does this favoring one over the others in this case gay over straight, but i was also exposed and reviled how some landlords also do the same placing adverts on gumtree and shop windows asking for 'Homosexual tenants only' (Link to report) and again all gone unchallenged with out a blink of the eye.

So party chairman Nick Griffin MEP make a comment about protesting on twitter and all hell brakes loose, the left wing opposition make the complains and the police then contact the gay couple who it concerns and urge them to make a formal complaint against the BNP chairman, in a bid to win cheep score points with a trumped up allegations and wasting of tax payers money, Its wrong the police pull all the stops out to persecute a party who believe in a freedom of speech.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Tameside BNP - Day Of Action

BNP In Stalybridge

The newly re-launched Tameside British National Party branch drop straight back in to the fold, and join other's from across the country in the national day of action, in their quest to get Great Britain out of the European Union.

First the day sets off with the organiser Kay Pollitt and other local activists, leafleting places such as Ashton in a bid for new members, delivering over 3000 we want our country back national leaflets. Then it was on to the second part, and the activist's held their very first table top in well over two years, the prime location was Stalybridge.

Organiser Kay Pollitt / Activist

Along with local activists, we were met by Party Chairman Nick Griffin, Northwest MEP, and other organiser's from across the Greater Manchester district, had come to show some solidarity. Stalybridge is new ground and a prominently white working class area, and the British National Party were welcome with open arms with scores of people heading to sign the petition.

Tameside Organiser Kay Pollitt tell's us "I would like to thank all those who came out, on both the leafleting and the tabletop, It was especially nice to see other branch organiser's who helped us out in a real show of support from the Greater Manchester branch's  I will also add a thank you to Nick Griffin for taking time out of his busy schedule to attend Tameside.

Where Do We Sign?

"It was an absolute fantastic day around,  especially at the Stalybridge tabletop where we received total support from the surrounding public.

"We are now looking forward to the future and holding more table tops right across Tameside in a show of force and to say we are back with a vengeance, so watch out Labour" Kay concludes.

Supporter Wanting His Pic With Nick Griffin MEP

To get involved with Tameside British National Party, contact 07909674006 or email letters of support can be sent to PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Tameside BNP - On The Road


Tameside British National Party members pounding the streets and focusing on what they are good at, the local elections, One particular member who is keen to show his face on the ward he lives and chooses to stand, is Ian Connor, Ian for the past few months has been leafleting his local community and speaking to local's about his focus for the 2014 by-elections.

With around 8000, homes receiving the 'I love GB' leaflet  should tell the story, we are passionate about our beliefs and country. Ian is now taking local case work from angry locals, who feel the Tameside Labour party have let them down, One key focus is the bin collections and how they have been moved from a weekly collection to fortnightly leading to over flowing bins and  making the area look like a tip.

Tameside Council Bin

Ian tell's correspondents "I am looking forward to standing for council for the first time, I am putting my pride and joy into running for the elections because i really do care about my community, and its people, Labour have had it their own way to long on this estate, and things have to change dramatically for the better, and the British National Party is the only way forward for the local people".

Gary Tumulty acting British National Party Northwest Regional organiser adds "We thank Ian for his passion, Ian is just one of a number of members in Tameside who are more than to happy to help and stand for what they believe in, the 2014 elections are just round the corner, and we just need that bit more support, from new or even old members who would like to return to the branch, so please get in contact and lets all plan for the future".

To get in touch with Tameside British National Party then please email or ring 07909674006 letter of support or donations can be sent to BNP (Tameside), PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT .