Thursday, 13 September 2012

The Northwest Regional Council

Acting Northwest BNP Regional Organiser 

The Northwest Organiser's and Official's meet up in Salford for their Regional Council meeting, Chaired by Acting Regional Organiser Gary Tumulty who has the motions for conference top of the agenda as branch's from all over deliver their new fresh idea's to the region.

Blackpool, Liverpool, Wigan, Stockport, Salford, St Helens and Manchester were some of the branch's amongst the many to offer new nationalist ideology idea's to the top table, and for the region to vote on, From bringing back hanging for treason and anti British ways, to a reform of the British National Party's housing policy were discussed and the two selected by the delegates were,

Liverpool Motion 1,

A British National Party government will eradicate Poverty, Unemployment and the National Debt; by creating a Monetary System, which is owned and controlled by the British people. 

Britain is crippled by Poverty, Unemployment and the National Debt. The British people pay more taxes than most countries in the world. And, our taxes mainly go to banksters in a vain attempt to pay off the National Debt. Also, private corporations have been given the power to set interest rates and effectively dictate how much we will pay in tax. This is unjust and we will change it.

Britain’s National Debt is created when the government goes to the private corporation known as the Bank of England, cap in hand, and asks for a ‘loan’ of, say, £10billion. The banksters then
‘create’ this money out of thin air, with smoke and mirrors, and then loan it to the government, with additional interest. The government’s Treasury Office then sets a start date for the regular
repayments of the loan, plus interest.

What actually happens is that the Bank of England takes our government’s Promissory Note and turns it into a Bill of Exchange. This is then bought and sold on the stock and bond market, through Fractional Reserve Banking, for many times its value, typically ten times more. Therefore, when our government borrowed this£10billion, plus interest, the Bank of England and their bankster associates make a £100billion out of it. And, they never even parted with any money in the first place! The banksters get progressively richer and more powerful, and the British people get poorer. This is how our National Debt is created. Also, it is impossible to pay it all off, without borrowing more money;

For example; we borrow more money from ‘Peter’ (the IMF, or the World Bank), to pay ‘Paul’ (the Bank of England). So the debt is everlasting, and our great grandchildren will be enslaved with a huge National Debt, that can never be repaid. A British National Party government will end this cycle of poverty and unemployment, which has been controlled by theft and corruption by banksters and their Parliamentary puppets. And, we will create a new debt-free monetary system, which is owned entirely by the British people. This initiative will create more prosperity than Britain has ever known, and we will realistically be able to look forward to the day when the British people will no longer need to pay taxes.

In accordance with our policy to set long term development plans to re-build and protect Britain’s manufacturing industry, to create full employment and wealth for our nation; we will create the debt-free money required to build wealth producing British industries; we would be careful not to create too much money, which would create inflation, but enough to pay for the long term plan of making Britain great again. The words; ‘Made in Britain’ will, once again, become synonymous with high standards of quality and durability, and the British people will finally be saved from the slavery of poverty.

This is NOT a pipe dream, as it can be done quite easily. We are not against banking, only the way it currently operates. Fractional Reserve Banking works very well, but currently it only benefits the banksters. But, the main beneficiary should be, and must be, the British people.

The only thing that is required is for the British people to gain a clear view of a Britain without debt, which causes poverty-slavery. Then give their vote to the British National Party and let us get on with saving Britain and the British people, before it’s too late; because we will work for the British people, and we will NOT work for the banksters, unlike all the other parties.

Salford Motion 2,

Education, and Student Fee's

Education must be free to all British students NO FEE'S NO GRANTS, A British National Party Government will invest into our future, The youth

Top paid jobs and careers are taken by the ethnics of this country and our own people in  indigenous  are hung out to dry, and left with dead end jobs with no real prospects other than the national minuim wage paid positions.

Children and families are living on run down council estates living in poverty, so we have to offer a better way in life and a British National Party will give them a free education to set them up in life.

High priority must be to take back the NHS with British Doctors, train our own scientists, baristsers / solicitors, along with giving the British Industry such as British Steal qualified indigenous people to for fill jobs.

The children are our tomorrows world. Back the motion and make it policy, The British National Party, Investing in our youth with a free education policy.

The two great motions are now off to the National Exculisive and hopefully onto the conference.

Other topics on the agenda were branch updates, and it seems the Northwest has been very busy over the past couple of months, with mass leafleting sessions all over the region, anti mosque campaigns and protest's in St Helens and Stockport, accompanied with lots or enquiry's and regular meetings with the busy branch's.

Gary Tumulty adds "I would like to thank all those branch's who turned up for the meeting and offered us all their great positive idea's and I look forward to future meetings with the Northwest council."

To get involved with the British National Party in the Northwest then please send us your details to or write to BNP, PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT

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