Friday, 14 September 2012

Tameside BNP Returns

Eddy, Kay And Gary BNP Organiser's 

Tameside received a very power message last weekend of the 9th September 2012, coming from a newly reformed British National Party Branch. WE ARE BACK AND HERE TO STAY.

This message was brought to members via a well attended a very successful re-launch meeting which saw new and old Tameside members join together with out dwelling on the past, and old bad news.

The meeting chaired by acting Northwest Regional Organiser Gary Tumulty who introduced himself and the new organiser Kay Pollitt to the group, Guest speaker Manchester Organiser Eddy O'Sullivan who gave a very powerful speech about a conspiracy theory surround 9/11, Eddy who is not normally one for conspiracy theory's who had conducted his own investigation, and cross referencing on the twin towers after reading a report produced by monkey see monkey do, who outline 9/11 was an inside job and conspired by zionists to lead to an invasion in Iraq and trouble in the middle eastern muslim country's. Israel are the only people to benefit from such atrocity's and its the British Armed forces who will have to die in vain, in so called 'wars on terrorism' because big business zionist are controlling and the real benefactors from it all. All members very inspired with Eddy, who delivered the real facts naming and shaming the zionist's involved and truth to what they have just been up to.

Tameside BNP Meeting

After the break and a fantastic collection to get the branch re started, Gary spoke about the 44 Greater Manchester Police officers  in Tameside who had recently been sent on the Muslim awareness course that was exposed right here on this site, (Link - Click to view) Gary and Kay went on to plan a way forward for the Tameside branch, Tabletops, leafleting drops, demo's, regular meetings and even a Truth Truck tour of the town, A plan forward to the 2014 local by elections was spoke about and one of Tamesides newest member has offered to stand in his own area,

Kay Pollitt Tameside Organiser tells reporters " I would like to thank dedicated old members who have returned, the new members, surrounding branch's for support, Gary Tumulty and Eddy O'Sullivan for all there help and guidance,

"We have a message here in Tameside and that is we are back, we are here to stay, business as usual, My personal aim is to build the branch to be bigger and stronger that it ever was before" Kay Concludes

To get in touch with Tameside British National Party email ring or text 07909674006, also Tameside are looking for funds / donation towards local branch leaflets, if you can help out with that department could you please send them to BNP, PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT please send letter stating donation for Tameside as its a care of address

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  1. Well done there Kay, thank you for your report, and we will take you up on your offer to attend your next meeting, we wish you well, Keep up the good work,

    RWB Admin team