Sunday, 23 September 2012

Muslim Fanatics Protest In Manchester

Extreme Muslims Manchester

Muslims from around central Manchester attempt to bring the busy high street city shopping centre to a stand still, all in the name of Allah, and free speech. It is reported on this site that a gathering of around 400 Muslim's strong took to the streets to protest over the recent video released in America (Innocence of Muslims) and cartoon pictures of their prophet published in a French magazine.

Muslim are not happy the ring leaders claim, islamophobia is rife and as UK or US citizen's they are treated 2nd and 3rd class, more must be done to stop it, organiser's scream introducing another muslim sister Zara on to the platform. "I am from an organisation that has been set up to make muslims as priority of defending themselves"

In a bizarre event, the Muslim speaker claimed it is not the video what is the problem but its the BNP  who are the problem who deny muslims their say in this country, Muslims have stayed quite to long and now its time to become more politically active, and join as one to fight the government of this country.

Another more radical speaker come on the helm to chant and sing Islamic songs, and waving green Islamic flags as this is action is done, claiming as his sister says the BNP cannot have a say, because what they preach is not a freedom of speech, but a hate crime towards every muslim on earth, and for this they must be punished under the eyes on Allah,

Radical Speaker Chants

This speech lead to every muslim chanting 'Allah ackbar' at the top of their voice an on a public address system they had set up, watch the undercover investigation's from brave British National Party activists, who bring you the footage from the day, please remember this video was shot under extreme circumstances.

The footage

Salford's Gary Tumulty Acting Northwest Regional Organiser who was at the event tells correspondents "This was an intense protest, with a bad vibe in the air, one i was uneasy with, the Muslims had gone to protest over a video what was made in america but swiftly turned the whole days event in to politics, attacking the BNP, quite strange and dramatic.

"I wish these muslims would realise it is not the British National Party who have killed their bothers and sisters, but it is the Labour / Conservative's who have slaughtered many innocent muslims in so called war's on terrorism, Its only the British National Party who will bring troops home now, so its not us who they have to fear, but its the masters in power now.

Mohammed's Merchandise Stall

"We don't mind any faith being practiced as long as it doesn't interfere with our way in life, or conflict with our laws, If Britain is so bad then the only answer i can see is to pack up and go and live in a Islamic country, no problem.

"I personally cant see what all the fuss is about, a video some one produced and put some time and effort into has caused outrage amongst the muslim community, I thought is was a person has a human right, as stated in artical 19 to a freedom of speech and expression without censorship or punishment in this country.

"So the muslims are really demonstrating against a freedom of speech" Gary concluded.

This is a sign of things to come in the UK, let this be a wake up call, we must now mobilise, join together and counter the islamification of the UK, and the only way we can achieve the goal is to become active with the British National Party,

To contact Gary Tumulty and get active in Greater Manchester then email today because tomorrow is to late!

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