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Manchester BNP - Game On For Election.

Team A Manchester BNP

By our Manchester correspondent – 22nd September 2012.

Eddy O’Sullivan and a team of Manchester activists were out in force today to kick off the campaign for the Central Manchester by-election. This is will take place on 15th November as a result of the expected resignation of the Labour MP for this ward, Tony Lloyd. Lloyd is resigning his job as MP in order that he can be eligible as a candidate for the newly created elected ‘Police Commissioner’ position that will also take place on 15th November.

Activists spent a busy afternoon leafleting in the Beswick area of the city. Residents of the area came out to chat and to express their delight that we were in the area. ‘You have come around here just in time, we are sinking fast here’ said one concerned resident. Market traders on the busy Grey Mare Lane Market came over to express their concerns regarding the imminent closure of the market. ‘The council withdrew its support for us nine years ago and now has sold the land to Arabs, who want to build a swimming pool here’ stated one concerned trader. ‘It is disgusting what the council are doing to this community’ said another.
Over a thousand leaflets were distributed in a very short period of time.

Eddy O’Sullivan is the British National Party candidate for this area. Eddy pledged to fight, petition and campaign against the planned destruction of established communities in the area. He also reassured the residents that he would seek to gain funding to relocate the market and to bring jobs for local people to the area, local people who are being slowly and deliberately replaced by peoples from other parts of the world.
Eddy would like to express his thanks to all activists and supporters that are helping with the campaign. He particularly would like to thank the people who can’t turn out to help on the streets but have already donated funds.

Vote for Eddy in November.

Vote British National Party

To help out in Manchester By Election then contact 07909674006

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