Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Immigration Rise In Greater Manchester

The Gravy Train 

David Cameron and the conservatives pledge during the general election to cut immigration once in power is nothing more than lie to gain a unaware nationalist vote, A Freedom of Information request into the National Insurance Number Registration to Overseas National’s in Greater Manchester, reveals how the year of 2010/11 was the first biggest single rise to hit the city from the past previous two years, and make’s it the second highest population growth anywhere in the UK.

The figures obtained by North West Sub Regional Organiser Gary Tumulty shows a 23% rise in registrations for a national insurance for the overseas nationals, taking the Greater Manchester figure to a whopping 704,910 up from a 2009/10 figure of 572,740.

On The Rise Fact!

The national Insurance cards give people in the UK rights to claim benefits, or the rights to work, and the biggest single claimer is ONLY European nationals the Polish with 81,180. Then we start with non European nations, Indian with 74,410 followed by Pakistan 41,240, and amongst other non European countries to enter the Greater Manchester region, and climb aboard the gravy train is Romania with 22,000 closely followed by the Nigeria with 17,840.

Of the eight core city’s selected to house applications have boomed straight through the roof in Birmingham, Greater Manchester, along with a steady growth in Liverpool. Manchester alone had a mid year estimate of 498,800 and a percentage of population NI registrations of 2.7 increase. Poland, Pakistan and India tend to dominate the NI registrations in the core cities and choose to come and live in places like Manchester and Birmingham.

Birmingham, Manchester & Liverpool 

In Greater Manchester a breakdown has been released to see the borough of where registrations are coming from, Manchester itself number one high flyer with a 13,400 on average, Salford 3,340 and Bolton 2,080. The full report has been attached to this report for you to see yourselves, In the Manchester district it out lines where and what parliamentary NI registrations are coming from and what area’s are basically being colonised.


Salford’s Gary Tumulty North West Sub Regional Organiser tells reporters “This is a scope of what immigrants we know are here, there is still a lot of illegal’s, both what we know and don’t know about, its mad, the first single increase in two years, it shows you that nobody can be trusted in power of the country other than the British National Party, because when we say we close the borders and slam immigration we mean it.

“The figures from 2011/12 are not available yet but rest assured I will be going over them with a fine tooth comb and when we do come to power we will be holding those responsible to account for their traitorous actions and destruction of our once great country” Gary Concluded.

To contact Gary email If there is one thing you dotoday then that please get involved with the British National Party, because your country needs you.

Letters of support / donations can be sent directly to the cause to stop immigration and fix broken Britain. Send to Salford BNP, PO Box 16, Salford M6 7PT every penny you send goes towards defending the indigenous population only.

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