Sunday, 26 August 2012

Come Dine With Me, HMP Manchester Exposed

HMP Manchester Strangeways

Once again, The Prison Service has been exposed for spending £947,507 at HMP Manchester, Strangeways on food to be served 3 times a day to 1250 inmates, This comes after an undercover investigation by Salford British National Party on the 27/05/2011(Link) and reported on this site how Forrest Bank pamper prisoners with a luxury food menu.

Labour, Hazel Blears Salford MP, who after finding out about Forrest Bank luxury food menu, had stated how this happens because the prison in question, only does the food requirements this way because it is operated by the private sector firm Kalyx, and no extra cost would be picked up by the tax payer as it’s a fixed contract to house inmates.

Salford’s Gary Tumulty Acting Northwest Regional Organiser has obtained last years food spending allowance for public run HMP Manchester  and shocking figures reveal how just under one million pound was spent just alone on food, and surprise, surprise another luxury food menu has surfaced from the prison.

Saturdays Menu

The information received shows how Breakfast packs are issued to prisoners from the serveries at teatime, Monday to Thursday, for them to eat in their cells before unlock the following day.  Breakfast packs are issued on Saturday and Sunday mornings, and on Sunday afternoon for Monday morning.  All food is transferred to the trolley area for hot or cold storage after cooking or preparation for service.  Food is placed into insulated containers for delivery at the appropriate time and transported to the wings.  Food is then transferred to the hot/cold cabinets located in the serveries and served to prisoners.  Lunch is served at 12:00.  Tea is served at 17:45 Monday to Friday, and 16:45 Saturday and Sunday.  Prisoners collect their food from the serveries and then eat it in their cells.

On the menu’s set out, different every day such delights can be found, Halal Sausages in Onion Gravy, Chickpea & Mexican Bean Hotpot, Roast Chicken Leg, Meatballs in Curry Sauce, Jacket Potato with Coronation Chicken and Falafel in a Tomato Sauce. Every body dietary requirement is met despite the cost to the tax payer.

Gary Tumulty tells British National Party members “Troop’s on the front line are not fed as well as this, the British People are struggling to make ends meet right now and money is tight, The Government are mad why do they chuck our money away on silly ventures like this, A meal should be served yes, but it should one meal 3 times a day take it or leave it, no luxury as you forfeit that right the minute you commit the crime that put you in there”.

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