Sunday, 26 August 2012

Reporting From Salford BNP August Meeting


Salford British National Party hold their monthly meeting as clock work, with the party stalwart Ian Kitchen as guest of honour, who gave a speech on a wide range of topics, happening in todays country.

Ian first spoke of the left wing communist style government in the UK, who are forever making stupid acts and laws to extract cash from the people who may not even know they are doing something wrong, and if you don’t have a big pot of cash to fight the authority’s in court.
Ian also spoke about how the media manipulate the news story’s, and only report on what they wish, Ian went on to tell Salford about a letter he had received that morning from Wakefield Council, informing people if they are in receipt of Council Tax benefits then after April 2013 they will be expected to pay something, so the council’s across the country are wasting your money and then targeting people who are less fortunate, the unemployed, disabled, single parent family’s and OAP’s to foot the shortfall.

Ian Kitchen

The second half of the meeting was handed over to Acting Northwest Regional Organiser Gary Tumulty, who continued after Ian’s in death analysis on the council tax scandal about to sweep the country, Gary along with all other Salford residents who have also received the same type of letter, which Salford Council say the government has decided to cut the budget by 2.2 million pound, so the money has got to be recovered from somewhere, and this will be the people who are most worst off in life, The unemployed or people claiming benefits to help them get by in life.

Gary states “Don’t get me wrong there are some lazy people in life that do not want to work and expect everything for free, and these I am all for making pay, but when you target  genuine people who cant make ends meet, and have to claim benefits to help them, will now be expected to pay.
“Labour controlled Salford Council chief executive Barbara Spicer who is paid well over 200K a year, and Newly elected Labour mayor Ian Steward again paid 69K, and all the other dead leg councilors in Salford, who claimed well over 307K in special allowances (On top of there normal wage), do you think this lot are feeling the pinch, No!

“Its also shocking how Salford Council allow Asylum Seekers to enter our city and they are in their words ‘obliged’ to look after them, and they are well looked after and not expected to pay one single penny towards the up keep of our country its wrong and has to stop” Gary Concluded, a full report will follow in due course for this website.

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Come Dine With Me, HMP Manchester Exposed

HMP Manchester Strangeways

Once again, The Prison Service has been exposed for spending £947,507 at HMP Manchester, Strangeways on food to be served 3 times a day to 1250 inmates, This comes after an undercover investigation by Salford British National Party on the 27/05/2011(Link) and reported on this site how Forrest Bank pamper prisoners with a luxury food menu.

Labour, Hazel Blears Salford MP, who after finding out about Forrest Bank luxury food menu, had stated how this happens because the prison in question, only does the food requirements this way because it is operated by the private sector firm Kalyx, and no extra cost would be picked up by the tax payer as it’s a fixed contract to house inmates.

Salford’s Gary Tumulty Acting Northwest Regional Organiser has obtained last years food spending allowance for public run HMP Manchester  and shocking figures reveal how just under one million pound was spent just alone on food, and surprise, surprise another luxury food menu has surfaced from the prison.

Saturdays Menu

The information received shows how Breakfast packs are issued to prisoners from the serveries at teatime, Monday to Thursday, for them to eat in their cells before unlock the following day.  Breakfast packs are issued on Saturday and Sunday mornings, and on Sunday afternoon for Monday morning.  All food is transferred to the trolley area for hot or cold storage after cooking or preparation for service.  Food is placed into insulated containers for delivery at the appropriate time and transported to the wings.  Food is then transferred to the hot/cold cabinets located in the serveries and served to prisoners.  Lunch is served at 12:00.  Tea is served at 17:45 Monday to Friday, and 16:45 Saturday and Sunday.  Prisoners collect their food from the serveries and then eat it in their cells.

On the menu’s set out, different every day such delights can be found, Halal Sausages in Onion Gravy, Chickpea & Mexican Bean Hotpot, Roast Chicken Leg, Meatballs in Curry Sauce, Jacket Potato with Coronation Chicken and Falafel in a Tomato Sauce. Every body dietary requirement is met despite the cost to the tax payer.

Gary Tumulty tells British National Party members “Troop’s on the front line are not fed as well as this, the British People are struggling to make ends meet right now and money is tight, The Government are mad why do they chuck our money away on silly ventures like this, A meal should be served yes, but it should one meal 3 times a day take it or leave it, no luxury as you forfeit that right the minute you commit the crime that put you in there”.

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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Immigration Rise In Greater Manchester

The Gravy Train 

David Cameron and the conservatives pledge during the general election to cut immigration once in power is nothing more than lie to gain a unaware nationalist vote, A Freedom of Information request into the National Insurance Number Registration to Overseas National’s in Greater Manchester, reveals how the year of 2010/11 was the first biggest single rise to hit the city from the past previous two years, and make’s it the second highest population growth anywhere in the UK.

The figures obtained by North West Sub Regional Organiser Gary Tumulty shows a 23% rise in registrations for a national insurance for the overseas nationals, taking the Greater Manchester figure to a whopping 704,910 up from a 2009/10 figure of 572,740.

On The Rise Fact!

The national Insurance cards give people in the UK rights to claim benefits, or the rights to work, and the biggest single claimer is ONLY European nationals the Polish with 81,180. Then we start with non European nations, Indian with 74,410 followed by Pakistan 41,240, and amongst other non European countries to enter the Greater Manchester region, and climb aboard the gravy train is Romania with 22,000 closely followed by the Nigeria with 17,840.

Of the eight core city’s selected to house applications have boomed straight through the roof in Birmingham, Greater Manchester, along with a steady growth in Liverpool. Manchester alone had a mid year estimate of 498,800 and a percentage of population NI registrations of 2.7 increase. Poland, Pakistan and India tend to dominate the NI registrations in the core cities and choose to come and live in places like Manchester and Birmingham.

Birmingham, Manchester & Liverpool 

In Greater Manchester a breakdown has been released to see the borough of where registrations are coming from, Manchester itself number one high flyer with a 13,400 on average, Salford 3,340 and Bolton 2,080. The full report has been attached to this report for you to see yourselves, In the Manchester district it out lines where and what parliamentary NI registrations are coming from and what area’s are basically being colonised.


Salford’s Gary Tumulty North West Sub Regional Organiser tells reporters “This is a scope of what immigrants we know are here, there is still a lot of illegal’s, both what we know and don’t know about, its mad, the first single increase in two years, it shows you that nobody can be trusted in power of the country other than the British National Party, because when we say we close the borders and slam immigration we mean it.

“The figures from 2011/12 are not available yet but rest assured I will be going over them with a fine tooth comb and when we do come to power we will be holding those responsible to account for their traitorous actions and destruction of our once great country” Gary Concluded.

To contact Gary email If there is one thing you dotoday then that please get involved with the British National Party, because your country needs you.

Letters of support / donations can be sent directly to the cause to stop immigration and fix broken Britain. Send to Salford BNP, PO Box 16, Salford M6 7PT every penny you send goes towards defending the indigenous population only.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Do You Speak The Electoral Commission’s Language?

Take Your Pick

A Freedom Of Information request of translation services at the Electoral Commission obtained by the North West Sub Regional Organiser Gary Tumulty reveals how they wasted £144,452.71 pounds of tax payers cash to convert literature to outline to foreigners how to vote.

Amongst the top languages translated are Arabic, Bengali, Chinese (Traditional), Gaelic, Gujarati, Hindi, Polish, Punjabi and Urdu, most of what are non European.  The Electoral Commission which was formed in 2001 and has around 156 staff and an annual budget of 23.5 Million pounds of tax payers money a year was allegedly set up as a sort of independent watch dog of political party’s, and elections run by the council’s across the UK and is solely answerable to the parliament.


The commission have no real durastriction and who are not responsible to investigate allegations of electoral fraud and if any allegations made to police forces are considered and, if appropriate, investigated by them, the commission works as advisor’s which make’s it a very expensive quango.

Salford’s Gary Tumulty, North West Sub Regional Organiser says “It seems the commission is more bothered about teaching the world’s visitors to this country how to vote, Now most of them languages are spoke from the Muslim tongue, and as I Understand things Muslims are against a democracy as the word of Allah is final.

Whats That Say?

“Don’t the commission think they should concentrate on how to get more British people to the ballet box’s instead of catering for the minority’s.

“I mean a good start would be to start investigating councils for election fraud, I know for a fact it happens in Salford Council under Labour, and yes they get away with it, because there in no one there to stop them” Gary concluded

To get involved with the North West British National Party email also if you know of fraud in your council’s and you can 100% prove it, or even want to tip us off about some allegations then please send details to Salford BNP Investigations PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT 

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Rochdale Muslim Peado Gang Leader 22 Years Sentence

Rot In Hell Muslim Peado

A muslim man who was at the centre of the Rochdale grooming case has today, Thursday 2 August 2012, been sentenced for the systematic rape of a girl over the course of 14 years. 

Shabir Ahmed, born 3/1/53, of Windsor Avenue, Oldham, was earlier convicted of 30 counts of rape following a two week trial. 

He was today sentenced at Minshull Crown Court to 22 years imprisonment, to run concurrently with the 19 years custodial sentence he was already given following the Rochdale grooming case. 

On May 8 2012 Ahmed was convicted of conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a child, trafficking a child within the UK, two counts of rape, rape being aider and abetter and sexual assault. 

He was also ordered to sign the sex offenders⿿ register for life. 

Ahmed systematically abused his victim over the course of 14 years. The girl then bravely came forward and spoke to the police about the abuse. 

Detective Chief Superintendent Mary Doyle, head of GMP⿿s Public Protection Division, said: "This girl has shown phenomenal bravery to come forward and tell the police and other authorities about what happened to her and I hope today⿿s sentence gives other victims of abuse the confidence to trust in the police. 

"We do take all forms of abuse and exploitation extremely seriously and are continually working with our partners to ensure we improve the ways to deal with vulnerable people." 

"Ahmed was in many ways the ring-leader of a loosely connected on-street grooming ring. Over the course of several years, he was the common denominator in a group of men who raped and abused girls aged between 13 and 17 at the time of the offences." 

Anyone who is concerned about a child or young person should call Greater Manchester Police on 101 or 999 in emergencies. You can also call the NSPCC on 0800 800 5000. Any child or young person wanting help and advice can use the numbers above or contact Childline on 0800 1111. 

Please also call the Runaway Helpline on 0808 800 70 70 if you need help. The helpline provides free 24 hour confidential support, help and advice 

Telltale signs of child exploitation to look for include: 

  •  Disengagement from education; young people who are not in school during the day may be more at risk of sexual exploitation. Children who are becoming involved in this activity may begin to skip school or become disruptive 
  • Risky behaviours; including secretive use of mobile phones and the internet Repeatedly going missing 
  • Unexplained gifts; children who appear to have new clothes, jewellery, mobile phones or money that cannot ⿿plausibly⿿ be accounted for 
  • Peers and friends; involved in sexual exploitation and with ⿿older⿿ boyfriends/girlfriends 
  • Drugs/alcohol; drug or alcohol abuse may leave children more vulnerable to sexual exploitation, it is also true to say that ⿿abusers⿿ may use drugs and alcohol to help control children 
  • Sexual health issues; a history of unprotected sex leading to STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infection) or inappropriate sexual behaviour. 

On Wednesday 9 May 2012, eight other men were sentenced to a total of 77 years behind bars as part Greater Manchester Police⿿s largest ever investigation into child sexual exploitation. 

The inquiry was led by GMP's Public Protection Division, assisted by the Major Incident Team and Rochdale division, and focused on allegations that five teenage girls in Rochdale were sexually exploited over a period of time by a group of 11 men. 

Officers who have carried out this investigation are still hunting Mohammed Shahzad (born 1/04/72), who has not been seen since 15 June 2011. Shazad is wanted for rape.