Monday, 30 July 2012

North West BNP Plan The Future

North West BNP Team

The North West Regional team held a meeting at Bolton, where we discussed various aspects of party policy and our operations. It was very well attended and people came from as far afield as West Cumbria, South Cheshire and North Wales.
The minutes of this meeting will be produced by Leila Bentham and will be circulated by Kevin Clark. These minutes are confidential, of course, but here’s a flavour of the discussion points;
Gary Tumulty was promoted to North West Sub-Regional Organiser, as he has done a great job in Salford and Greater Manchester as a whole, and in supporting our efforts to make the North West a vibrant area again. He has also been a big help to me.
Unfortunately, Rosalind Gauci has decided that it is the right time for her to hand over the Tameside Organiser’s role to someone else. However, she is a dedicated Nationalist and will continue to support any local activities in the party’s interests. We are grateful for all of Rosalind’s efforts, through a difficult time and shortage of support in the Tameside area. Kay Pollitt has very kindly agreed to take over as Tameside Organiser, with the help and assistance of Gary Tumulty, Eddy O’Sullivan and other local members.
We discussed area activities by the group, along with Banking / Reports / Future Plans / Ideas, and the NW team is moving forward as one team and helping each other whenever possible. Also, we are letting Kevin Clark know when we’re having a meeting, so that he can email all of the NW members, in case they want to attend other meetings, along with their local one.
We are overhauling our contact list, of North West Officials, as Chris Barnett is in the process of arranging all the contacts, nationwide, by electoral areas. So, up to date info is vital.
As by-Elections are coming up all the time, the team explained that they have plans in place, involving some very shrewd ideas, including our Postal Vote campaign, which was explained by Dawn Charlton and Clive Jefferson. Up to 75% of electors no longer bother to vote and this is mainly due to their contempt for the current Lib-Lab-Conmen, who make it quite clear that their loyalty lies with the banksters and NOT the electorate.
We must ensure that democracy works; by switching-on the 75% of disaffected electorate with Postal Votes, and get them to take a photocopy of their vote, as proof of who they voted for. This is to be done in conjunction with our ‘EU Referendum NOW’ campaign.
As our Annual Conference is rapidly approaching, we were reminded that Motions for Conference must be submitted and agreed upon at our next meeting, in September.
We now place a bulk order for our Voice of Freedom newspapers, as per the East and West Midlands, and each NW area orders from within the NW group. We are investigating ways that we can increase our order levels of these.
We discussed the launch of the ProFam organisation, which was launched in Blackpool and will be headed-up by Lynne Mozar, of ‘The World At 8’. As the name suggests, ProFam will finally give a voice to the long suffering members of British families, who have been sidelined, in favour of foreign interlopers, who are constantly made to feel more important than the indigenous population, due to the actions of the main political parties.
The North West is proud to host the first British meeting of the European Nationalist Alliance Group and this meeting will take place next week in the NW. This is a historic occasion and we trust that our European cousins will enjoy our British hospitality.
Also, the North West will shortly be launching ‘QUESTION TIME: for patriots’ – a voice for British patriots. This will be a bit like the BBC’s Question Time, but involving British Patriots, instead of a hand-picked audience and panel of Marxists and foreigners. The attendants will be chosen after they’ve applied in writing; Application Forms can be downloaded from our website. The first programme will take place at a venue, in South West Lancashire 26th September 2012.
We discussed Training and we recognise that we all need some training in various aspects of our activities. And, training sessions will be arranged for specific activities, as required.
We were reminded that we should inform members and guests at our meetings, that regular donations are very welcome, and the Standing Order / Direct Debit donation forms can be set up from as little as £2 a month.
In recent months, we have stood shoulder-to-shoulder, at various demonstrations, with other British patriots. For the benefit of those causes, and our country as a whole, we have set aside our differences, and we look forward to more of these demonstrations; so the enemies of Britain will be able to see that, when push comes to shove, we will stand together as one, to defend this realm.
Finally, we were reminded of the sad loss of our former North West Fund Holder and friend, Sue Mather, who passed away recently. Sue was an extremely popular lady and a very diligent worker for the party. We are all saddened by her passing, and send our condolences to her husband, Charles, a former long standing BNP stalwart and Organiser for Wigan & Leigh. 
We look forward to a patriotic British future!

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