Sunday, 15 July 2012

Manchester British National Party July 2012 Meeting

Members At Manchester

Manchester Branch held their regular monthly meeting at their usual city venue on Sunday 15th July 2012.
The well attended meeting was chaired by deputy Manchester Organiser, Eddy O’Sullivan. Eddy was ably supported by Salford Organiser, Gary Tumulty and Manchester Branch Fund holder Phil Coe.

Manchester BNP Officals

The guest speaker for the meeting was Ian Hitchen. Ian is a stalwart party member and activist and has stood as a candidate in European elections, national elections and local elections. Ian has been a lynchpin of the party in West Yorkshire and tirelessly campaigns for the party both on his home ground and further afield. Ian also plays a key role in the management, operation and maintenance of the party’s vehicle fleet including our iconic ‘Truth Truck’.

Ian’s presence at the meeting was all the more remarkable because only four weeks ago he was the victim of a ‘hit and run’ incident whilst out motorcycling. The van that caused the accident was found burnt out several miles away in a field. The driver was found to be a gypsy person and the van was uninsured. Ian died, yes DIED, at the scene but, thank goodness, was resuscitated and flown to hospital in Leeds. Ian suffered horrific injuries but still had the grit and determination to make the trip over the Pennines to speak to the membership in Manchester.

BNP Ian Kitchen

Ian gave an excellent educational and entertaining talk on the reasons why the mass media treat the party in the way that they do. That is to say in a very negative light, even though the British National Party is the nation’s only hope of ever regaining our sovereignty, identity, democracy and freedom.  A sovereignty, identity, democracy and freedom that has been tainted, sullied and thrown into the gutter. A sovereignty, identity, democracy and freedom that has been trampled underfoot by our own successive governments over the years.

Ian received an extended standing ovation. This was a tribute, not only to the brilliant talk he gave but also as a tribute to the courage and sheer guts that he has displayed in not allowing his injuries to prevent him in his important political work. Ian stands as a shining example to us all.

Eddy O'Sullivan BNP

After a short break Eddy got on with the Branch business. A leafleting team was raised for next weekend and the target area identified as being consistent with Manchester’s current strategy for building to grow. After Ian’s sterling example, there were no shortages of volunteers to do the work for this!

Upcoming events were discussed such as the pending International Conference of European Nationalists, the motions to be put forward for the National Conference, current leaflet design and target groups and a request for support from our brothers and sisters In Scotland which was enthusiastically responded to.

Thank You Ian, Says Eddy

A lively and constructive Q&A session followed and a mention must be made of ‘Andrew’ who was there for the first time ever. Andrew was so enthused and motivated that he declared there and then that his name be put on the list of potential candidates for the next Manchester council elections in 2014. This, obviously, resulted in huge cheers and applause and was a great note to end the meeting on.

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