Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Terrorist Family Speak In Manchester

Recruitment Center

Pakistani family of a convicted Taliban terrorist Munriq Farooqi have been invited to an 'enemy within, state surveillance and infiltration' conference scheduled for this Friday in Manchester Central Hall, Oldham Road.


Farooqi one of the first convicted terrorists in the UK, jailed for four life sentences for soliciting murder, preparing for acts of terrorism and the distribution of terrorist material must serve a minimum of nine years before being allowed parole. 

Farooqi, the self confessed active Taliban fighter, who ran a stall in Longsight with another British Convert Mathew Newton, to recruit, brainwash and mobilize young men to fight, die and kill the British Troops in the 'jihad' holy war in Afghanistan. It was also mentioned how when police raided Farooqi's home over 50,000 items of extremist literature and well over 5000 DVD's were seized.

Just Like This

The family of this extremist monster, who live in a £200,000 thousand pound house, what police described as the 'Al Qaeda recruiting school' are preparing to speak at the conference to tell of how they think Farooqi was set up, despite being caught red handed, convicted and monitored as a national security threat. The family home should have been confiscated under clause 23a terrorism act 2000, a convicted terrorist can have his home seized by the state under a forfeiture order, and the family protest using the Human Right Act, a court later this year will decide.

Other area's of the Islamic anti surveillance road show will be visiting London, Leeds and Stratford, where special focus on the impact of policing practice of east London during the upcoming Olympics.

The List Of Speakers, Manchester.. Interesting 

The whole event is run by COINTELPRO (an acronym for Counter Intelligence Program), an organisation set up to cause some sort of conspiracy and today claim all Muslims freedom's are targeted, liberties and rights being eroded by police and secret services.

The Out Fit

Gary Tumulty Salford British National Party, who acted on a tip of to uncover the findings tells correspondents "We  have it again, Muslims who have come to this country not wanting to stand by our way in life and abide by our rules, One saying... When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

"The government have a duty to look after it, people from terrorists and believe it or not Munir Farooqi is one of them, he was caught red handed, next the family will be saying the police planted the DVDs and words in his mouth. 

"I cant even believe Greater Manchester Police would let such a event glorifying what they did, if this event happen's it will cause civil unrest, and quite possibly recruit more disrespectful Muslims to hate our troops and country.

"There is an answer, If its so bad here and you are so heavily monitored, well you know where the airport is, go home" Gary concludes

I would urge members and subscriber's to the site to ring Greater Manchester Police and ask them to ban the event or the Farooqi family speaking out ring 0161 872 5050 or ring 101, lodge your complaint  

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