Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Manchester activists keep spreading the good news!

Saturday 2nd June, once again, saw a fine team of activists out and about in Greater Manchester. The object of the exercise this week was to maintain impetus with the ‘Heat Or Eat’ campaign by distributing leafleting targeted areas in North Manchester.

When you have a reasonably sized team turning out it is very easy to get 2000 leaflets through 2000 letterboxes in a couple of hours. This leaves time also for a chat with the local people in the area who responded wonderfully well to our presence in the leafy suburb of Failsworth.

There were plenty of communities and streets in the area who were gearing up for street partys to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and we were delighted to be well met with comments such as ‘its about time we saw you around here’, can I have a few more of those (leaflets) to take to work with me?’ and ‘do you meet around here a lot and if you do can I come and help?’

We were delighted to see one resident, an ex-serviceman, proudly flying a huge Union Flag outside his front door and displaying a ‘vote BNP’ placard in his upstairs window!

The message is getting through and people are starting to wake up to the fact that they are continuously and consistently being bamboozled by the LibLabCon thieves and swindlers that infest our government and institutions and betray the citizens of this nation at every and any chance that comes there way.

Manchester’s diligent and relentless team will be out again next weekend to spread the good news. This time the team will be somewhat diminished as a contingent are going to be present in Blackpool to support the Charlene Downs campaign.

As deputy organiser for Manchester, Eddy O’Sullivan says; ‘You don’t have to be big and strong and you don’t have to be particularly clever to succeed but you do have to do something and that is what we are doing today’.

To get in touch with Manchester British National Party, help, sign up to a postal vote or even tell us your problems with the city council, Contact Gary on 07909674006 email or write to PO Box 16, Salford M6 7PT

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