Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Taxi Driver From Hell Jailed

Arpan Duggal

A man who sexually assaulted two teenage girls he was giving a lift to has been sentenced.

Arpan Duggal (31/10/1985), of Briarfield Road, Timperley was found guilty of two counts of sexual assault.

At Manchester Crown Court today, Thursday 26 June 2012, he was sentenced to 18 months in prison.

Duggal worked as a taxi driver at the time of the incident.

The victims, aged 13 and 14, were given his number by a relative of one of the girls, who told them his nickname was 
Johnny, and he would give them free lifts.

On 24 April 2011, they called his mobile and arranged to be collected from the Northern Moor Area and taken to Fallowfield.

During the journey, Duggal touched one of the girl
s legs and asked them both if they had boyfriends.

He then stopped on Palatine Road and asked the girls to swap seats.

When they arrived at the address in Fallowfield, one girl got out of the car and Duggal locked the other in his car and sexually assaulted her.

Neither girl initially reported the incident but did so when Duggal began texting and phoning one of them.

Detective Constable Charlotte Owens, of the Child Abuse Investigation Team, said: 
Duggal has used the ploy of offering free lifts to get the girls in his car.
When he did he sexually assaulted them.
I hope the victims take some comfort from knowing he has now been sentenced.
It is worth noting that Duggals former employers were equally appalled by what he did and have fully cooperated with the police during the investigation.
His actions should in no way reflect them or any of their drivers who provide a valuable service for many in the area.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Manchester Branch forges international links and solidarity with Spanish nationalists – united against the common enemy!

Manchester Branch held their regular monthly meeting at their regular venue on Sunday 17th June 2012.
The well attended meeting was chaired by Deputy Manchester Organiser, Eddy O’Sullivan. Eddy was ably supported by Salford Organiser Gary Tumulty and Manchester Branch Fund holder Phil Coe.

Eddy opened the meeting and was both delighted and honoured to introduce the secretary of international relations for the Spanish nationalist party Plataforma per Catalunya, Enrique Ravello.

Enrique gave an enthralling address to the meeting entitled "European Nationalist Movements." Enrique went on to examine nationalist common positions on the threats to European identity. Issues such as the spread of Islam, mass immigration, foreign policy, opposition to U.S. dominance in Europe and the entry into EU countries such as Turkey, Morocco and Israel. After this Enrique Ravello took questions from the floor and received cheers and a standing ovation from the room.

We have new friends in Europe today and we all, as European nationalists, face the same threats from the EU Soviet Socialist Republicans as regards our freedoms, security, identity and democracy. It is good to know that we in the British National Party and not standing alone in Europe in our fight against this powerful, vile enemy.

The next day a meeting took place between Enrique Ravello and the leader of the British National Party, Nick Griffin MEP. It transpired that in the larger political issues there was much agreement and they laid the foundations for future collaboration between the two parties. After the official meeting there followed a deep conversation about aspects of British history and identity such as the situation of Welsh and Scottish Gaelics, the role of Oliver Cromwell and his New Model Army , and new archaeological data on Britons before the conquest by Rome. More on this meeting here:Click this link ( It is in Catalan use google translate!). Plataforma per Catalunya continues to generate mutually beneficial links with key Nationalist MEPs and Nationalist leaders across Europe.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Terrorist Family Speak In Manchester

Recruitment Center

Pakistani family of a convicted Taliban terrorist Munriq Farooqi have been invited to an 'enemy within, state surveillance and infiltration' conference scheduled for this Friday in Manchester Central Hall, Oldham Road.


Farooqi one of the first convicted terrorists in the UK, jailed for four life sentences for soliciting murder, preparing for acts of terrorism and the distribution of terrorist material must serve a minimum of nine years before being allowed parole. 

Farooqi, the self confessed active Taliban fighter, who ran a stall in Longsight with another British Convert Mathew Newton, to recruit, brainwash and mobilize young men to fight, die and kill the British Troops in the 'jihad' holy war in Afghanistan. It was also mentioned how when police raided Farooqi's home over 50,000 items of extremist literature and well over 5000 DVD's were seized.

Just Like This

The family of this extremist monster, who live in a £200,000 thousand pound house, what police described as the 'Al Qaeda recruiting school' are preparing to speak at the conference to tell of how they think Farooqi was set up, despite being caught red handed, convicted and monitored as a national security threat. The family home should have been confiscated under clause 23a terrorism act 2000, a convicted terrorist can have his home seized by the state under a forfeiture order, and the family protest using the Human Right Act, a court later this year will decide.

Other area's of the Islamic anti surveillance road show will be visiting London, Leeds and Stratford, where special focus on the impact of policing practice of east London during the upcoming Olympics.

The List Of Speakers, Manchester.. Interesting 

The whole event is run by COINTELPRO (an acronym for Counter Intelligence Program), an organisation set up to cause some sort of conspiracy and today claim all Muslims freedom's are targeted, liberties and rights being eroded by police and secret services.

The Out Fit

Gary Tumulty Salford British National Party, who acted on a tip of to uncover the findings tells correspondents "We  have it again, Muslims who have come to this country not wanting to stand by our way in life and abide by our rules, One saying... When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

"The government have a duty to look after it, people from terrorists and believe it or not Munir Farooqi is one of them, he was caught red handed, next the family will be saying the police planted the DVDs and words in his mouth. 

"I cant even believe Greater Manchester Police would let such a event glorifying what they did, if this event happen's it will cause civil unrest, and quite possibly recruit more disrespectful Muslims to hate our troops and country.

"There is an answer, If its so bad here and you are so heavily monitored, well you know where the airport is, go home" Gary concludes

I would urge members and subscriber's to the site to ring Greater Manchester Police and ask them to ban the event or the Farooqi family speaking out ring 0161 872 5050 or ring 101, lodge your complaint  

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Man jailed after Burnley sex assault

Tahmoor Abid Hussain

A MAN, who sexually assaulted a woman on her way home on New Years Eve 2010, has been sentenced to 32 months imprisonment.

Tahmoor Abid Hussain, of Princess Street, Nelson, who was 19 at the time of the offence, appeared at Burnley Crown Court today (Wednesday 6 June) after pleading guilty to sexual assault by penetration at an earlier hearing.

Hussain approached the 28-year-old victim who was walking home alone around 8pm on Friday 31 December 2010 near to Gannow Top, Burnley.

He started speaking to her before pushing her to the ground and subjecting her to a 20 minute attack before she managed to escape.

PC Jane Gregson said: “This was a nasty, unprovoked attack on a young lady who was simply walking home.

“Hussain maintained his innocence throughout the case, insisting he was the victim of mistaken identity. However, following lengthy investigations and extensive evidence gathering, he finally admitted his involvement in this violent crime and will now have to face the consequences of his actions.

“Fortunately his guilty plea meant that his victim did not have to endure giving evidence in court.”

Manchester activists keep spreading the good news!

Saturday 2nd June, once again, saw a fine team of activists out and about in Greater Manchester. The object of the exercise this week was to maintain impetus with the ‘Heat Or Eat’ campaign by distributing leafleting targeted areas in North Manchester.

When you have a reasonably sized team turning out it is very easy to get 2000 leaflets through 2000 letterboxes in a couple of hours. This leaves time also for a chat with the local people in the area who responded wonderfully well to our presence in the leafy suburb of Failsworth.

There were plenty of communities and streets in the area who were gearing up for street partys to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and we were delighted to be well met with comments such as ‘its about time we saw you around here’, can I have a few more of those (leaflets) to take to work with me?’ and ‘do you meet around here a lot and if you do can I come and help?’

We were delighted to see one resident, an ex-serviceman, proudly flying a huge Union Flag outside his front door and displaying a ‘vote BNP’ placard in his upstairs window!

The message is getting through and people are starting to wake up to the fact that they are continuously and consistently being bamboozled by the LibLabCon thieves and swindlers that infest our government and institutions and betray the citizens of this nation at every and any chance that comes there way.

Manchester’s diligent and relentless team will be out again next weekend to spread the good news. This time the team will be somewhat diminished as a contingent are going to be present in Blackpool to support the Charlene Downs campaign.

As deputy organiser for Manchester, Eddy O’Sullivan says; ‘You don’t have to be big and strong and you don’t have to be particularly clever to succeed but you do have to do something and that is what we are doing today’.

To get in touch with Manchester British National Party, help, sign up to a postal vote or even tell us your problems with the city council, Contact Gary on 07909674006 email salford@bnp.org.uk or write to PO Box 16, Salford M6 7PT

Islam Bid To Rule Manchester

Mega Mosque Manchester 2012

Manchester will be home of the second biggest mega mosque in Europe, costing a staggering 1 million pound and set to house up to one thousand Muslim worshipers part of the Islam movement Ahmadiyya, Islamification UK is well underway.

The brand new building development of mega mosque will be complete with domed roof and minaret, it is said the development was funded by worshipers and started around three years ago.

Situated on Greenhayes Lane, Moss Side Manchester the mosque will dominate all aspects of life in the surrounding area, and will be a communications hub, Islamic education center as well as a place of worship.

Islam Will Rule The World

Claiming to be the region of piece the mega mosque will soon to opening it doors to the many Sunni Muslim who populate Manchester and surrounding area's.

Gary Tumulty Salford British National Party organiser, who has been along to see the mega mosque tells us "It massive, its like some thing you see in the middle east, or the suburbs or Saudi Arabia.

"We spoke to some British members of the community near by who were Christians and totally offended by the monstrosity put before them, they said they told Labour controlled Manchester City Council not to give planning permission, but it fell on to death ears.

"Stop the Islamification of the UK before its to late, the Muslim community is booming dramatically in the UK, its evident as we are now home of the second biggest mosque in Weston Europe, its a very scary thought.

"Islam want to rule with an iron fist, these people are prepared to kill for what they want in a total jihad on non believers, convert or die is their way. Very worrying and very scary.

"Join the fight to  regain our country before its to late, do nothing and you will to be blamed, in this struggle we can not afford to just sit around. Contact me get involved" Concludes Gary

Contact Gary on 07909674006 or email salford@bnp.org.uk or write to PO Box 16, Salford, M6 7PT