Thursday, 12 April 2012

Greater Manchester Islamic Police

Tameside Islamic Police 

A Freedom of Information obtained by Salford British National Party Organiser Gary Tumulty has revealed how, Greater Manchester Police Tameside Division, send 44 officers on a 'Islamic awareness course' to be trained to update their knowledge and understand of the Islamic faith and community, A special power point presentation was produced by the local imam, to discuss with the officers, on a whole range of Islamic topics.

The course was designed to deal with the practical and professional concerns that arise when the police deal with the muslim community of Tameside, Manchester, Requested by local officers and authorized by superintendent McKay and Chief Inspector Wrudd, all 44 officers were sent on this course, some of covered topics were ramadan, halal food,  headgear such as burkahs, arranged marriages, mosques, muslim houses and jihad. The outcome of the course did discover it would be impossible to definitive guidance on how police deal with the whole community, as each individual will vary in their level of commitment to Islam as in the extent to which their cultural and western values informs them to live and behave.

From the 2001 census Tameside ethnic break down, say's Indians make up the largest population among Asian community, followed by Pakistani who make up the largest Muslim community closely followed by the Bengali people, for the large number of migrants who have entered this country, and been placed in one particular area of Tameside, the Muslim community leaders have announced it was done  deliberately to pool for their resources together, for security reasons and to consolidate a sense of belonging, come modern day 2012 the Tameside Muslim Asian community has grown considerably and at a vast rate.

Outlined was the different types of Asians living in Tameside ranging from Pakistani,.Bengali, Indian and how they all spoke of different  languages from Urdu to Punjabi and its vitally important to get the correct interpreter for gathering evidence, It was also worth noting how the Pakistani and Bengali community do not integrate, and the Bangladesh community have a class system based on wealth and political influence

It was said Hyde Community Action along with other partners undertook research and interviewees of the Muslim community were asked to express their views and experiences of Greater Manchester Police, amongst the three points one was about concerns that the local officers were racist's due to the lack of experience with the Muslim community and a new policing model needed to be adapted, A major point of Islam being the seconds world biggest religion and also the fastest growing, with two types Sunni and shi'a, Sunni being Tamside's majority.

Aspects of Islamic law Sharia was touched on, Sharia law is only prevalent in muslim countries how ever Muslim's in the UK will look towards it for guidance on specific matters such as divorce and wills. Ramadan and Eid were covered and the way the Muslim celebrate it, along with alcohol, drugs halal food and dogs. Police have been advised by the local Muslim community that male officers must never attend Muslim homes, in fear that the women may be there alone and the male officers must never ask a Muslim lady to remove her head wear as Islam forbids it. Officers must never shake hands with a Muslim but are simply just to say hello.

Arranged marriages and according to Muslim traditional law men can have up to four wife's at any one time, being married to more than one person in the UK is only recognized in England and Wales, and bigamy is an offence under s57 offence against the person act 1961 Muslim can have a 'Nikah'  (Islamic Marriage contract)  and them that fail to register the marriage are not recognized as married under British Law, but are regarded as unmarried couples only have cohabitants rights.

Mosque time is Friday the most important day between 1 and 2 Jumma, and police are advised never to bail Muslim suspects to this day and time as it goes against their way of culture and faith. In Muslim Houses they adapt a 'no shoe' policy and police must adhere to this policy now its non practical for an officer to remove his operational boots so all lines of inquiry's must be done in the hall way or kitchen, On police search the handling of the Quran must be very careful and where possible avoid handling it or placing on the floor, it is advised that the Muslim is only to handle the holy book, Whilst on police raids the use of a dog may be required the officer has to only use the dog on a need basis and its advised the police dog paws are to be placed in forensic foot coverings

On top of this a short introduction to Jihad and how the holy war and the struggle to improve Muslim society world wide

Gary Tumulty British National Party says "This just out lines the red tape and bureaucracy within Greater Manchester police, how can front line officers complete their duty correctly when they have all this surrounding them, Islamic Awareness, Well we are all aware what comes with that cult, Grooming gangs and terrorists"

" The second point i will make is I thought all this immigration was to integrate with the population, not to rock up plant your flag and say right we here now live by own rules, comes to show Immigration has failed in Multicultural soft touch Britain, Salford British National Party Pledge END IMMIGRATION NOW"

"As Nick Griffin said, get rid of our master before they get rid of us" Gary Concluded

Longsight Bus Attacker

Face of evil

Police have released a CCTV image after a man sexually assaulted a teenage girl on a bus going to Longsight.

At about 7.45pm on Sunday 16 February 2012, the 14-year-old victim was on the upper deck the 192 bus that had left Manchester city centre, when the offender got on at Daisy Mill on Stockport Road in Longsight. 

The offender sat down next to the victim and asked her for money. He then put his jacket over her leg and sexually assaulted her. 

The victim stood up and walked away, then got off the bus. 

The offender was seen to leave the bus outside Longsight Library, on Stockport Road. 

The man was filmed on CCTV inside the bus, and officers have now released an image. 

The offender is described as being a black man in his 20s, of medium build and with a bald head. He was wearing dark blue jeans, a black T shirt and carrying a black leather jacket. 

Police Constable Pete Baldwin said: "This was an incident that left the victim badly distressed. 

"We have carried out a number of inquiries to trace the offender and now we have released an image taken from CCTV, so that we can ask anyone who may recognise the offender to speak to police." 

Anyone with information is asked to call police on 0161 856 4223 or call the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Manchester BNP The 2012 Elections Candidates

3rd May 2012 Vote British National Party

Manchester British National Party Candidate's for the May 3rd 2012 Elections are as follows

Derek Adams - Higher Blackley

Gareth Black - Moston

The Red White And Blue North West team would like to wish all the British National Party candidates all the best in the elections

If any body wants to contact the above for what ever reason then write to, leaving your contact details to

The Organiser
British National Party
PO Box 16
M6 7PT

or email

Monday, 2 April 2012

Attack On Grandmother - Deport This Face

The Face What Fits, We Would Deport 

A man who launched a frenzied knife attack on a 74-year-old grandmother at a Chorlton bus stop has today, Monday 2 April 2012, been jailed indefinitely. 

David Walters (born 30/03/1989) of Vixen Close, Nell Lane Estate, Chorlton-cum-Hardy, pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to attempted murder. 

He was today sentenced to an Indeterminate sentence for Public Protection (IPP) at Manchester Crown Court, Crown Square. He must serve a minimum of seven years before being considered eligible for parole.

During the early hours of Thursday 29 December 2011, Walters posted a number of threatening messages on Facebook about a cousin he accused of 'poking' his girlfriend on Facebook.

He also made a number of threatening phone calls to various members of his own family, in which he threatened to stab and kill his cousin.

Still seething later that day, Walters armed himself with a knife and left his house on the Nell Lane Estate some time before 10.20am.

By chance he saw the victim, Maria Morrison, sitting at the bench at a bus stop outside Southern Cemetery, at the junction of Arrowfield Road and Wintermans Road.

He suddenly launched an unprovoked attack on Maria, stabbing at her with a 10in knife.

He screamed "Die, Die!" and "Die, Die!" "I'll Kill You" as he repeatedly brought the knife down on the horrified victim.

Maria managed to struggle to her feet, moved her arms up to defend herself and kicked out at Walters while shouting for help.

He made several attempts to stab her in the head, but she managed to dodge out of the way.

He eventually ran off onto Wintermans Road, spitting onto the pavement as he left the scene.

In shock and bleeding heavily from multiple stab wounds, Maria managed to stop a passing car and the police and ambulance were called.

She was taken to hospital where she was treated for her injuries. She suffered numerous puncture wounds on her body and deep cuts to her hand and lip which later required plastic surgery.

While waiting for treatment at hospital Maria, who is a devout Catholic, was comforted by a GMP officer. Also a Catholic, the officer gave the victim his crucifix to give her some spiritual comfort.

As Maria was being treated at hospital officers immediately swung into action, interviewing potential witnesses and viewing CCTV of the incident.

Officers viewed the CCTV footage and spotted Walters spitting onto the pavement near the site of the attack. The officer in the CCTV monitoring room directed an officer at the scene to the exact spot.

Despite heavy rain, the officer at the scene managed to find the saliva and a CSI took a sample for forensic analysis.

Meanwhile, police acted on information received from the community on the Nell Lane Estate and arrested Walters outside his house the following lunch time, on Friday 30 December.

The DNA sample was fast tracked and Walters was charged while still in custody.

Detective Inspector Lee Price, of South Manchester CID, said: "For every Walters in this world there are a multitude of people who restore your faith in human nature.

"From the strength and fortitude of the victim to the incredible diligence of officers working against the clock, everyone - with the obvious exception of Walters - came out of this with huge credit.

"The victim Maria showed immense courage to fight him off in the first place and remarkable strength to make such a recovery.

"I also want to praise the community who supplied us with information and our officers, who acted on it swiftly to ensure Walters was arrested even before we had the DNA sample.

"It was a fantastic team effort which helped ensure we are today talking about a good result and not concentrating on the horrific actions of an extremely dangerous man."