Thursday, 8 March 2012

Liverpool Branch February Meeting

A Tribute to the White race – An inspirational piece featuring exerts from the films Alexander and 300. This clip provides insight not only to the great beauty and achievement of our race but of the magnificent leaders of the past, such as Leonidas I. It shows just how much the White race has to be rightly proud of and serves as a reminder of what we must fight for.
Liverpool British National Party held its February meeting on Wednesday 29th. Doors opened at 7.30pm for an 8:00pm start. Branch organiser Mike Whitby opened the meeting.
 Attack on Iran means WW111 by Brother Nathanael -  An all to familiar sight a new claim of “weapons of mass destruction”. Deception is exactly the case as right on the back of establishing a new Central Bank of Libya and forming a new national oil company, the Zionists turn from Gadafhi to Iran. With Israel posed to strike is this WWIII…
Harvard Professor wants to annihilate the White race (Scott Roberts) – Jewish Harvard Professor Dr Noah Ignatiev openly seeks the destruction of the White Race. While this Jewish supremacist’s call for the genocide of Whites is a thinly veiled demand for the annihilation of our cultural identity, from a broader Zionist perspective it does truly mean the literal end of White man. Ignatiev may us his position as a Harvard academic to ‘educate’ students with “treason to Whiteness is loyalty to humanity” but this is re-enforced tenfold
in a society that promotes foreign influx, miscegenation (race mixing) and abortion.
The Meeting also included its usual buffet and raffle .Once the discussion was over Peter handed the meeting back to Mike who provided details of up and coming events. Many thanks to all that attended this month. Liverpoolbnp, the way forward for Ethno 

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