Thursday, 23 February 2012

Manchester BNP Marching To Victory

On The Go - Manchester BNP

Sunday 19th of February saw the Manchester Branch of the British national Party holding their regular monthly meeting.

The meeting was held in the usual Manchester venue, and it was fantastic to have so many new faces present.   Every new supporter that was there for the first time had come to discover what the British National Party are all about.

They were in for a treat because the meeting was chaired by the British National Party candidate for the elected mayor of Salford, and Manchester deputy organiser, Eddy O’Sullivan and the guest speaker was none other than Mike Whitby, who is the Regional Organiser for the North West of England.

Protect Children, Fight The Grooming Gangs

Eddy got the meeting rolling straight away by talking about the Party’s activities currently happening in the great city of Manchester, and the Party’s plans for the short term, the middle term and our long range ambitions. There was a huge round of applause for the election of the new Manchester Fund Holder Phil Coe. 

Eddy And Phil Manchester BNP

Mike Whitby then proceeded to give an impressive address.  Over the next hour Mike explained the full and complete manifesto of the British National Party.  The new members were pleasantly surprised to discover that The British National Party actually do have a comprehensive manifesto that covers all economic, educational, Health and Infrastructure issues.  Mikes fiery speech also served to inspire those supporters who hadn’t thought about activism, to become active in supporting the cause.

Mike Whitby Regional Organiser, British National Party

Mike followed his address with a very constructive Q & A session.

The rest of the afternoon was spent as a social event and a good time was had by all.

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