Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Demo against Paedophilia at Liverpool Crown Court

Monday 6th February saw the beginning of the trial of up to forty seven (47) Muslims at Liverpool Crown Court, Derby Square, for crimes of paedophilia – child rape and molestation. At the present time, Liverpool has a relatively small Muslim population. Consequently, cases such as this are rare around here. The notion is that these cases have been transferred to Liverpool from other parts of the country in order to “hide” them. Apparently the Crown Prosecution Service does not want anyone to know this is taking place. In actual fact it is a distraction technique used by the Zionist puppet masters to keep mass attention away from the real enemy. This has become quite apparent as the trial progresses.
Early Monday morning demonstrators against paedophilia, including the British National Party,gathered on mass in front of Liverpool Crown Court. They were greeted by a meagre rabble of hard line Marxist Zionist Labour party supporters who are sponsored by the Communist Unions-Unite, Unison etc…These types are violently ‘politically correct’ and are the militant branch of the Government’s intolerant ‘multicult’ program. It is the Zionist Government that brings Islam into Britain and Europe and by supporting their existence in Britain one is condoning the rape of our Children.  As such,regardless of their group affiliation it was WHITE lads and girls who stood side by side and shouted down the perverted Marxist scum who condone the paedophile rape of our children.
To highlight the intolerance of the supposed ‘liberal’ agenda the banner held by the Zionist Labour scum proclaimed “Griffin must go” proving that speech can only be ‘free’ when it conforms to Zionist protocol. However, this did not stop Nick Griffin MEP attending said demo or standing on the frontlines. Early on the state Stasi tried to impose their imagined ‘authority’. One officer in particular designated the Liaison and numbered 7118 seemed determined to impede British National Party organiser Mike Whitby at every turn. He ‘advised’ Mike that he could not use the loud hailer fortunately Mike is well aware of his rights and informed this officer of them. Later this same officer physically assaulted a disabled protester in a most over zealous ‘request’ to clear a path for pedestrians.
Incredibly just following Monday’s massive demo the so called cover up was blown wide open as three Police CCTV wagons, a number of mounted police and a small army covered the plaza outside the Crown Court on Tuesday. Naturally this was an attempt by the Stasi to regain control of the situation and if media footage is available to the public it will be these scenes that are deemed palatable by the Zionists.
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