Saturday, 28 January 2012

Liverpool Branch first meeting of the New year.

Happy New Year – January Meeting
Liverpool British National Party held its January meeting on Wednesday 25th. Doors opened at 7.30pm for an 8:00pm start.
Branch organiser Mike Whitby opened the meeting with the news that on Monday the 6th of February, forty seven (47) Muslims will be on trial at Liverpool Crown Court, Derby Square, for crimes of paedophilia – child rape and molestation.
 At the present time, Liverpool has a relatively small Muslim population. Consequently, cases such as this are rare around here. The notion is that these cases have been transferred to Liverpool from other parts of the country in order to “hide” them. Apparently the Crown Prosecution Service does not want anyone to know this is taking place. In actual fact it is a distraction technique used by the Zionist puppet masters to keep mass attention away from the real enemy.
 The meeting was then handed over to Peter Quiggins who ran the introductory video – A Tribute to the White race an inspirational piece featuring exerts from the films Alexander and 300.  This clip provides insight not only to the great beauty and achievement of our race but of the magnificent leaders of the past, such as Leonidas I. It shows just how much the White race has to be rightly proud of and serves as a reminder of what we must fight for.
Peter then reminded those in attendance that recently America ‘celebrated’ Martin Luther King Jr Day. This second video reveals what in fact the Marxist Left has set up as a ‘role model’. The Beast as Saint (The Truth About Martin Luther King Jr) – A plagiarist and a womaniser, King was a phony through an through. Even his name Martin Luther was a fake bestowed on him by a deluded father. Deeply involved with communism and with numerous Marxist contacts this video is a real eye opener and shows just how far the Zionists go to promote their multicult agenda.
The third video-My tram experience the mantra response demands an ideological reply to the Marxist left that renders them mute. It contests that while cultural Marxism neither defined nor argued its case on the college campuses, it produced and repeated ideological phrases to bully its opponents. Real debate cannot work on the brainwashed minions the answer is to hit them hard and repeatedly with their own idiotic hypocrisy.
 The Meeting also included its usual buffet and raffle .Once the discussion was over Peter handed the meeting back to Mike who provided details of up and coming events. BNP will be outside the court on the 6th February. Many thanks to all that attended this month.  Liverpoolbnp, the way forward for Ethno Nationalism.

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