Saturday, 28 January 2012

Bolton branch is on the boil!

Eddy O'Sullivan Bolton 

The first British National Party meeting of the year was held on Thursday 26th January at a local sports and social club in Bolton, Greater Manchester.

Dot Sayer Bolton BNP Organiser 

The event was hosted and chaired by Dot Sayers. Dot is the British National Party organiser for Bolton and has a well deserved reputation as a talented, tireless and relentless campaigner for the Nationalist cause.
The event was well attended and it was brilliant to see new faces sat alongside the established campaigners and supporters of the British National Party that live and work in this historic Lancashire town. The crowd was swelled even more by visitors from other areas of Greater Manchester.

Dot’s guest speaker for the evening was the irrepressible Eddy O’Sullivan. Eddy is a well known figure in North West Nationalist circles and is a regular candidate for us in local elections in his home town of Salford. He has been an organiser for Salford branch, a Euro elections list candidate and is currently deputising for the organiser for the City of Manchester.


After opening the meeting Dot discussed with the members her decision to let the Bolton branch’s P.O. Box number subscription lapse. It was felt that there are more cost- effective means of communication in this day and age and that the extortionate charges that the Post Office are now demanding make the existing arrangements just not worth keeping it on. This was agreed and ratified by the members.

Dot then dealt with the branch news and information about national campaigns. Appeals were then made for volunteers to take up leafleting activities and names were put forward and discussed regarding candidates for the local elections that will take place in the town in May.

Eddy O’Sullivan then took the floor and talked about the real enemy that we face. That is to say, the money men who hide behind the shadows of shadows. The bankers that fund the liblabcon cartel. The men that back both sides and, subsequently, can’t ever lose. Many people were surprised to learn the difference between the ‘Sovereign’ and ‘The Crown’, that ‘the square mile’ of ‘The City’ of London is an independent state within this nation and that the Queen is not the head of state there. Eddy ended his talk with an exhortation for unity within the nationalist community. The puppet masters who pull the strings of the liblabcon enemies of Britain use the divide to conquer method to defeat their opposition and they are very good at it. There is only one way to combat this and that is to never become their victim and to unite under the banner of the British national Party.

There really is NO other option.

Some Of Bolton BNP 

Dot provided a delicious buffet of homemade cake and ‘butties’ and a well applauded collection was made that will ably serve to keep the branch funds buoyant.

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